May 20, 2024  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

What’s New

Students from Cornelius Partsch’s GERM 331 “Civilization of Germany Through the Nineteenth Century” class hold minor declaration cards for the new Holocaust and Genocide Studies Minor in Red Square on Western’s campus. (Photo courtesy of Holocaust and Genocide Studies.)

Catalog Policy Updates

Policies effective fall 2017

Policies effective fall 2018

Global Humanities and Religions

The Liberal Studies department has changed its name to Global Humanities and Religions effective 2019-2020 academic year. The reasons for the name change are to communicate more clearly the department’s mission, as well as to provide more focus in future development of curriculum and courses. This change also includes the creation of two new subject codes - HUMA (Humanities) and REL (Religion) - and the cancellation of the LBRL subject code, as well as substantive updates to the department’s programs of study. Go to the Global Humanities and Religions  department page for more information.

Modern and Classical Languages

Nearly all courses in the Modern and Classical Langauges department have changed to 5 credits. Reasons for the change are to improve instruction in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and overall depth to the courses. This also has streamlined much of the department’s curriculum, including its programs of study. Go to the Modern and Classical Languages  department page for more information.

New departments/programs (including name changes)

New programs of study/certificates 

Programs of study with title changes

New courses