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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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The minor provides a solid foundation for further study of mass atrocities present and past, including the Holocaust. It prepares students to be knowledgeable, successful, and engaged members of society, and will enable them to work in and across disciplines to identify and creatively solve key societal problems, both local and global. Western Washington University is the only public institution in the state of Washington with a minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Mission Statement

The Holocaust and Genocide Studies minor combines historical understanding with a cross-disciplinary exploration of both the Holocaust and genocide. Students studying the Holocaust and genocide from a variety of disciplines will learn the tools to analyze, understand, and differentiate their underlying complexities and to work towards their prevention. Historical understanding, cultivation of critical consciousness, cultural and linguistic competencies, ethical awareness as well as political acumen are synonymous with effective leadership and engaged citizenship in a diverse campus community and a democratic society. Thus, the minor will serve to give greater prominence on our campus to the relationship between the lessons derived from the Holocaust and contemporary global challenges. 


BABAFEMI AKINRINADE, Associate Professor, Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies
SANDRA ALFERS, Professor, AATG German Center of Excellence, Department of Modern and Classical Languages
SUSAN AMANDA EURICH, Professor, Department of History
CHRISTOPHER C. FRIDAY, Professor, Department of History
RACHEL PAUL, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
SARAH ELLEN ZARROW, Assistant Professor, Department of History

Minor Declaration Process

Students who wish to declare a minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies are required to register with the Director or the director’s designee in Wilson Library 571/572. For program advisement hours, visit the institute’s website or schedule an advising appointment during advisement office hours by contacting wolpow.institute@wwu.edu.

Director: Dr. Sandra Alfers, Wilson Library 572, 360-650-7786, sandra.alfers@wwu.edu
Administrative Assistant: Sheila Pennell, Wilson Library 571, 360-650-7737, sheila.pennell@wwu.edu


    Undergraduate Minor


      Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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