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2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Personnel

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Board of Trustees

Howard Lincoln, BA, JD Seattle
Dennis Madsen, BS Seattle
Betti Fujikado, BA Seattle
Philip E. Sharpe, Jr., BA, JD Bellingham
Ralph Munro, BA Olympia
Peggy Zoro, BS, MEd Bellingham
Student Trustee (one-year term)
Secretary to the Board of Trustees Elizabeth Sipes

Administrative Officers

  Bruce Shepard, BA, MA, PhD
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  Catherine Riordan, BS, PhD
Vice President for Advancement and Executive Director, WWU Foundation
  Stephanie Bowers, BA, MGA
Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs
  Richard Van Den Hul, BS, MBA
Vice President for Student Affairs and Academic Support Services
  Eileen Coughlin, BS, MA, EdD
Vice President for University Relations
  Steve Swan, BA

Office of the President and Provost

Executive Director for University Planning and Analysis
  Paula Gilman, BA, MA
Executive Assistant to the President
Administrative Assistant to the President
  Barbara Stoneberg
Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity & Diversity
  Sue Guenter-Schlesinger, PhD
Vice Provost for Information Technology/Chief Information Officer
  John Lawson, BS, MS, PhD
Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Dean
  Moheb Ghali, BCom, MA, PhD
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
  Steven L. VanderStaay, BA, MA, PhD
Director of Academic Budgeting
  Barbara Fasser, BBA, MBA    
Director of Institutional Research  
  Ming Zhang, MS, PhD    
Administrative Assistant to the Provost    
  Lin Stefan    
Assistant to the Provost    
   Bev Jones    

Academic Affairs

Business and Economics, College of
  Dean, Brian K. Burton, BA, MBA, PhD
Education, Woodring College of
  Dean, Stephanie Salzman, BA, MA, EdD
Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies
  Dean, Roger Gilman, BA, MA, PhD
Fine and Performing Arts, College of
  Dean, Daniel Guyette, BS, MFA
Humanities and Social Sciences, College of
  Dean, Brent J. Carbajal, BA, MA, PhD
Huxley College of the Environment
  Dean, Bradley F. Smith, BA, MA, PhD
Sciences and Technology, College of
  Dean, Arlan D. Norman, BS, PhD
Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Dean
  Moheb Ghali, BCom, MA, PhD
  Dean of Libraries, Christopher Cox, BA, MA, MLS
Shannon Point Marine Center
  Director, Stephen D. Sulkin, AB, MS, PhD
Extended Education and Summer Programs
  Interim Executive Director, Terrell G. Williams, BS, MS, PhD
Center for International Studies
  Executive Director, Douglas C. Nord, BA, MA, PhD

University Relations

Associate Vice President for University Relations and Director for Government Relations
  Sherry Burkey
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
  Lorie McNeill
Office of University Communications
  Director, Paul Cocke
Publishing Services
  Interim Director, John Zuzarte

Business and Financial Affairs

Assistant to the Vice President
  Nancy L. Phillips
Assistant Vice President for Financial Services
  Kathy Wetherell, BComm
Director of Division Budgets
Business Services
  Director, Sally McKechnie, BA
Financial Services
  Director, Teresa Mroczkiewicz, BA, CPA, CPP
Environmental Health and Safety
  Director, Gayle Shipley, BS, MS
Human Resources
  Director, Chyerl Wolfe-Lee, BA, PHR
Facilities Management
  Director, Donald (Tim) Wynn, PE, BS, MBA, MS
Public Safety
  Director, Randy Stegmeier, BS, MPA
Capital Budget
  Director, Renée Y. Roberts, BBA, MBA

Student Affairs/Academic Support Services

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
  Elizabeth Mason, BA

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Academic Support Services/Special Assistant to the President for Diversity

  Kunle Ojikutu, BS, MPA, PhD
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Academic Support Services/Registrar
  Susanna Yunker, BA, MEd
Budget and Administration/Student Affairs and Academic Support Services
  Director, Linda P. Beckman, BA, MBA
Dean of Students
  Ted Pratt, BA, MEd
Special Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Academic Support Services
  Sara Wilson, BA, MS
Academic and Career Development Services
  Director, Tina Loudon, BEd, MEd
Admissions and Enrollment Planning
  Director, Karen Copetas, BA, MS
  Director, Lynda Goodrich, BA, MEd
  General Manager, Peg Godwin, BA
Campus Community Coalition
  Coordinator, Lyndie Case, BA
Campus Recreation Services
  Director, Marie Sather, AA, BA, MEd
Counseling Center
  Director, Nancy Corbin, AB, MEd, PhD
disAbility Resources for Students
  Director, David Brunnemer, BA, MSpEd
Financial Aid
  Director, Clara Capron, BS, MEd
New Student Services/Family Outreach
  Director, Anna Carey, BA, MEd
Prevention and Wellness
  Director, Elva Giddings, BA, MS
Student Health Center
  Director, Emily Gibson, AB, MD
Student Life Office
  Associate Dean, Sherry Mallory, BA, PhD
Student Outreach Services
  Director and Associate Dean, Renee Collins, BA, MEd
University Residences
  Director, Willy Hart, BA, MS
University Dining Services
  Resident District Manager, Ira Simon, BS
Viking Union Facilities
  Director, Jim Schuster, AA, BA, MEd
Viking Union Student Activities
  Director, Kevin Majkut, BA, MA

Presidents of the Faculty Senate

2009-10 Daniel Larner
2008-09 Matthew Liao-Troth
2007-08 Jeff Newcomer
2006-07 Ira Hyman
2005-06 William Lyne
2004-05 Jim Stewart
2003-04 James Loucky
2002-03 John Purdy
2001-02 Kathleen Kennedy
2000-01, 1989-90 Christopher A. Suczek
1999-00 Mark Bussell
1998-99 E. Leroy Plumlee
1997-98 James W. Hearne
1996-97 George T. Cvetkovich
1995-96 Kenneth Hoover
1994-95 Kris A. Bulcroft
1993-94 Kathleen M. Knutzen
1991-93 John Mason (2terms)
1990-91 Richard W. Thompson
1987-89 George E. Mariz (2terms)
1986-87 Harry Jackson
1985-86 Robert M. Thorndike
Assistant to the Faculty Senate: Rose Marie Norton-Nader

Presidents Emeritus

  President Emeritus. BS, Denison University; MA, PhD, University of Michigan.
  President Emeritus. BA, MA, University of Western Ontario; PhD, University of Rochester.
  President Emeritus. BS, Purdue University; MEd, EdD, University of Florida.
  President Emeritus. AB, MBA, University of Pennsylvania; PhD, University of California-Berkeley.

Dean Emeritus

  Dean Emeritus of College of Business and Economics, BA, MA, Western Washington University; PhD, Indiana University (Bloomington).

 Distinguished Service Professor of Western Washington University

  Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of the University. BA, University of Washington; MEd, Western Washington College of Education; PhD, University of Oregon.
  Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of the University. BA, MA, University of Western Ontario; PhD, University of Rochester.

Retired Faculty - Emeritus

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A-I  J-Q  R-Z 



CHRISTOPHER COX (2008) Dean and Professor. MLS, The State University of New York; MA, University of Connecticut; BA, Susquehanna University.

JEANNE ARMSTRONG (1997) Associate Professor. BA, University of Dayton; MA, Rosary College Graduate School; PhD, University of Arizona.

MARGARET FAST (1997) Associate Professor. BA, Mills College; MA, University of British Columbia; MLS, State University of New York-Albany.

GABRIEL GOSSETT (2009) Instructor, BA, University Wisconsin-Milwaukee; MLIS, University Wisconsin-Madison

ROBERT LOPRESTI (1987) Associate Professor. BA, Juniata College; MLS, Rutgers, The State University.

MICHAEL LORENSEN (2010) Asst Dean for Public Services and Associate Professor; PhD, Central Michigan University; ME, Ohio University; MLS, Kent State University

LEZA (ELIZABETH) MADSEN (2002) Associate Professor. BA, Western Washington State College; MLS, University of Hawaii; MA, Stanford University.

ANDREA PETERSON (1999) Associate Professor. BA, University of Utah; MLS, Indiana University.

PAUL PIPER (1997) Associate Professor. BS, MFA, University of Montana; MLIS, University of Hawaii.

CECILIA SIU-WAH POON (2000) Associate Professor. BA, University of South Florida; MLS, Indiana University.

JEFF PURDUE (1999) Associate Professor. BA, MA, University of Illinois at Chicago; MLS, Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois.

MARIAN A. RITTER (1969) Associate Professor. BME, MLS, University of Portland.

PETER A. SMITH (1990) Associate Professor. BA, MA, MLS, Wayne State University.

ELIZABETH A. STEPHAN (2008) Assistant Professor. BA, Northwest Missouri State University; MLS, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

SYLVIA TAG (1997) Associate Professor. BA, The Colorado College; MLIS, University of Iowa.

BOB THOMAS (2006) Assistant Professor. BS, University of the State of New York; MLIS, University of Washington.

Degrees and Certificates

Degrees granted from August 2008 to June 2009, inclusive:
Master of Education 83
Master of Arts 69
Master of Science 64
Master of Music 5
Master of Business Administration 30
Master in Teaching 52
Bachelor of Arts in Education 161
Bachelor of Arts 2,348
Bachelor of Science 564
Bachelor of Fine Arts 11
Bachelor of Music 19
Total 3,406
Recommended for certification to the State Superintendent for Public Instruction — August 2008 to June 2009, inclusive:
Residency Teacher Certificate 286

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