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2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

President’s Message

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Even after so many years in academia, looking at Western’s catalog takes me right back to my first year of college — to that sense of awe and anticipation I experienced at the variety of courses available to me. It represented to me then, and still does, a sense of infinite possibility.

Awe and anticipation, yes.  But, all those possibilities meant feelings of anxiety, also.  What are the best courses?  What are the courses best for me?

At Western, it really is excellence across the board.  That’s not presidential hype.  That’s how I  described my conclusions after spending my first four months at Western meeting with every  single department: were you to pick your major by throwing a dart at our undergraduate catalogue, you would be assured of getting the best or one of the very best programs available in the state.

Beyond our classrooms, the WWU community distinguishes itself as a place where themes of civic engagement and giving back to the community, valuing diversity in all its forms, and environmental stewardship and sustainability run deep. Our students recognize that education is only truly higher when put to higher purposes.

As you look through this catalog, you will find a remarkable range of courses, and that selection is only the beginning of what makes WWU one of the premier comprehensive universities in the Western United States. Explore the courses. Get excited. And take a few moments to imagine how a Western education can help you learn what you don’t know and build on what you do.


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