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2024-25 Western Washington University Catalog 
2024-25 Western Washington University Catalog

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate

Location(s): WWU - Bellingham

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WWU’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University Interdisciplinary Programs

16-17 credits


The purpose of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate is to provide students from any major with the ability to apply Entrepreneurial and Innovative mindset, knowledge, skills and leadership across various industries to address economic opportunities and address social challenges and change. At WWU entrepreneurship and innovation learning focuses on human-centered, whole person development including self-discovery, knowledge, skills/abilities and mindset. We help students identify opportunities and tie them to innovations while bringing people and resources together to make impactful change happen. Students will learn introductory to intermediate foundations allowing them to become entrepreneurial and innovative leaders (intrapreneurs), create and prepare to launch their own business (or other organization type including non-profits and social enterprises) and/or join an existing organization as a productive, entrepreneurial team member.

Why Consider an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate?

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed to be synergystic with your major area of study.  Want to discover who you are and how you can bring your gifts to the world?  Doing what you love?  Want to even more effectively apply your learning?  Want to learn how to be an entrepreneurial and innovative leader?  Perhaps you have had a dream or just wanted to explore opening your own business or starting a non-profit or NGO?  If the answer is yes to any of these, this program may be a perfect fit for you!

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate provides a diverse community to discover your passions and focus with purpose into your professional life. We hold that entrepreneurship and innovation are skills that can be taught to everyone who is eager to learn. The program empowers students to integrate entrepreneurship and innovation with their major areas of study, creating a powerful combination for success in the professional world. While the certificate is highly useful for those desiring to start and grow their own ventures, it is also valuable for those who desire to be “intrapreneurs” and create innovative change inside existing organizations be they small business, corporate, cooperatives, non-profit, social enterprises/ventures or the public sector (education, government etc.).

 Contact Information

Program Director
Arthur Sherwood, Ph.D.

 Sample Careers

With its interdisciplinary approach, the program enhances every student’s potential. Everyone can be entrepreneurial and innovative regardless of their chosen paths from founding new ventures to being entrepreneurial and innovative small business, corporate, nonprofit and governmental leaders. Samples include Business Owner/Founder, Non-profit manager, Organizational Manager, Corporate Professional, Sales Professional, Government administration

 Major/Career Resources


How to Declare (Admission and Declaration Process):

We accept applications on a rolling basis during the Academic Year. Applicants may apply upon completing ENTR 246 with C- grade or above and must fill out a Certificate Declaration and Change Form to declare official enrollment in the program.

While there are no specific limitations on the number of declared program members, program admittance will vary depending on academic program capacity to deliver offerings serving active members.  

Waivers for any of these or other requirements can be granted by the Program Director.

Grade Requirements

Successful completion and awarding of the certificate requires a minimum of a C- in all courses and an overall program gpa of 2.5 or above.


Required Courses (4 credits)

Electives (12 credits minimum)

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