Jan 29, 2023  
2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2015-2016 Catalog

Welcome to Western Washington University’s online catalog, the official source for academic programs and courses.

Students are encouraged to utilize the catalog in planning their path to graduation. The catalog contains a number of features, including advanced search options, intuitive nagivation, and a My Portfolio option to store favorite programs and courses.

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How to Navigate

  • To navigate through our catalog, please use the links on the left or at top below the campus image.
  • To view online archived catalogs, please use the drop down menu above.
  • To access printed archived catalogs in PDF format, please click on the blue button above.
  • The Student Services link contains important information related to Enrollment and Student Services, Financial Aid, Registration, Tuition and Fees, Undergraduate Admission and University Residences.