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2023-24 Western Washington University Catalog 
2023-24 Western Washington University Catalog

University Personnel

Board of Trustees

Faith Pettis, BA, JD; Seattle
Karen Lee, BA, JD; Covington
Chase Franklin, BA; Seattle
Christopher Witherspoon, BA; Seattle
Susan K. Sharpe, BA, MBA; Bellingham
John Meyer, BA, JD; Mount Vernon
Maureen West, BS, MSN, PhD; Bellingham
Keara Ryan, Student Trustee (one-year term); Bellingham
Secretary to the Board of Trustees; Rebecca Hansen_Zeller

Administrative Officers


Sabah Randhawa, BS, MS, PhD

Provost and Executive Vice President

Brad Johnson, BS, MS, PhD

Vice President for University Advancement and President/CEO, WWU Foundation, Executive Director for WWU Alumni Association Board

Kim O’Neill, BA

Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs

Joyce Lopes, BA, MBA, CPA

Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services

Melynda Huskey, BA, PhD

Vice President for University Relations and Marketing

Donna Gibbs, BA

Office of the President and Provost/Executive Vice President

Chief of Staff to the President

Becca Kenna-Schenk

Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Rebecca Hansen-Zeller

Executive Assistant to the President

Rayne Rambo



Chief Diversity Officer and Executive Director of the Office of Equity

Jacqueline Hughes, BA, MA, PhD

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

John (Jack) A. Herring, BS, PhD

Executive Director of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance, Title IX Coordinator

Daniel Records-Galbraith, BA, JD

Vice Provost for Outreach and Continuing Education

Robert Squires, MA, MEd, EdD

Vice Provost for Information Technology/Chief Information Officer

Chuck Lanham, BA, MBA

Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

David Patrick, BS, PhD

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

John (Jack) A. Herring, BS, PhD

Director of Academic Budgeting

Ichi Kwon, BA, CPA, MBA

Director of Institutional Research

Ming Zhang, MS, PhD

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

John Krieg, BA, MA, PhD

Assistant to the Provost and Executive Vice President

Melinda Assink, BA

Academic Affairs

Business and Economics, College of

Dean, Deanna Kennedy, BA, MBA, PhD

Education, Woodring College of

Dean, Kevin Roxas, BA, MA, PhD

Environment, College of

Dean, Teena Gabrielson, BA, MA, PhD

Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Dean, Christopher Caskey Russell, BA, MA, PhD

Fine and Performing Arts, College of

Dean, Christopher Bianco, BME, MM, DMA

Humanities and Social Sciences, College of

Dean, Keith C. Russell, BS, MS, PhD

Science and Engineering, College of

Dean, Janelle Leger, BS, MS, PhD

Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Dean

Dean, David Patrick, BS, PhD


Dean of Libraries, John Danneker, BA, MA, MLIS

Shannon Point Marine Center

Director, Brian Bingham, BS, MS, PhD

Institute for Global Engagement

Director, Ryan Larsen, BA, MPA, PhD

University Relations and Marketing

Executive Assistant to the Vice President

Katrina Schuster, BA

University Communications

Director, Jonathan Higgins, BA

University Marketing & Brand Strategy

Director, Elizabeth Lambert, BS, MS

Visual Media Production

Director, Sean Patrick, BS

Community Relations

Director, Chris Roselli, BA

Small Business Development Center

Executive Director, CJ Seitz, BS, MBA

Tribal Liaison

Director, Laural Ballew, BA, MPA

Washington Campus Coalition for the Public Good

Director, Jennifer Hine, BA, MBA

Web Communication Technologies

Director, Max Bronsema, BA, MEd

Business and Financial Affairs

Assistant Vice President for Risk, Ethics, Safety and Resilience

Darin Rasmussen, BS, MBA

Assistant Vice President for Strategy, Management and Budget

Faye Gallant, BA, MPA, PMP, CRA, SSGBC

Associate Vice President for Facilities Development and Operations

Avinash Rahurkar, BE, MS, MBA

Associate Vice President for Finance and Business Services

Brian Sullivan, BS

Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Liz Parkes, BA, JD

Executive Assistant to the Vice President

Nancy L. Phillips

University Police Department

Chief of Police, Katryne Potts, BA, MS

 Enrollment and Student Services

Executive Assistant to the Vice President

Lynne Walker, BS

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Shelli Soto, BA, JD

Director of Admissions

Cezar Mesquita, BA, MA

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services/Director, Financial Aid

Clara Capron, BS, MEd

Division Director of Financial & Capital Resources

Director, Linda P. Beckman, BA, MBA

Executive Director, Student Life

Michael Sledge, BA, MA

Executive Director, Student Engagement & Director Viking Union

Eric Alexander, BS, MS

Student Success Initiatives

Executive Director, Sara Wilson, BA, MS


General Manager, Ueli Stadler

Campus Recreation Services

Director, Adam Leonard, BS, MPE

Counseling, Health and Wellness

Associate Vice President, Sislena Ledbetter, BA, MA, PhD

Director, Sarah Godoy, PhD

Disability Access Center

Director, Josef Mogharreban

Veterans Services

Director, Nick Sanchez

Assistant Vice President for Access, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Litav Langley

LGBTQ+ Western

Director, JoeHahn, MS

Multicultural Student Services

Director, Amy Salinas Westmoreland

New Student Services/Family Outreach

Program Director, Ronna Biggs, BA, MS


(Interim) Shelli Soto, BA, JD

Student Health Center

(Interim) Director, David Hansen

University Residences

Director, Leonard Jones, BS, MS

University Dining Services - Aramark

Resident District Manager, Stephen Wadsworth

University Advancement

Senior Director for Major Giving

Amber Asbjornsen, BA

Senior Director, Alumni & Constituent Engagement

Victoria Martinsen, BA

Associate Vice President, Finance and Operations, VP/CFO for the WWU Foundation

Mark Brovak, BA

Assistance Vice President, Principal Gifts, Donor Relations, and Marketing

Mark Bagley, BA, MA

Assistant Vice President, Advancement Services

Mandy Hanousek, BA

Senior Director of Development for Major Giving and Corporate & Foundation Relations

Manca Valum, BA

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for University Advancement


Administrative Assistant III to the Senior Director for Alumni & Constituent Engagement

Lili McMurtrey, BA

Presidents of the Faculty Senate

2023-24: Brandon Dupont
2021-23: Lysa Rivera
2021-22: Shirin Deylami
2020-21: Jeff Young
2019-20: Jeff Young
2018-19: McNeel Jantzen
2017-18: Allison Giffen
2016-17: Kristen Larson
2015-16: Molly Ware
2014-15: Spencer Anthony-Cahill
2013-14: Johann Neem
2011-13: Karen Stout
2010-11: Scott Pearce
2009-10: Daniel Larner
2008-09: Matthew Liao-Troth
2007-08: Jeff Newcomer
2006-07: Ira Hyman
2005-06: William Lyne
2004-05: Jim Stewart
2003-04: James Loucky
2002-03: John Purdy
2001-02: Kathleen Kennedy
2000-01: Christopher A. Suczek
1999-00: Mark Bussell
1998-99: E. Leroy Plumlee
1997-98: James W. Hearne
1996-97: George T. Cvetkovich
1995-96: Kenneth Hoover
1994-95: Kris A. Bulcroft
1993-94: Kathleen M. Knutzen
1991-93: John Mason
1990-91: Richard W. Thompson
1989-90: Christopher A. Suczek
1987-89: George E. Mariz
1986-87: Harry Jackson
1985-86: Robert M. Thorndike

University Presidents Emeritus


President Emeritus. BA, MS, PhD, University of California, Riverside.


President Emeritus. BS, Denison University; MA, PhD, University of Michigan.


President Emeritus. BA, MA, University of Western Ontario; PhD, University of Rochester.


President Emeritus. BS, Purdue University; MEd, EdD, University of Florida.


President Emeritus. AB, MBA, University of Pennsylvania; PhD, University of California-Berkeley.


President Emeritus. BA, Maryville College, MA, University of Michigan, PhD, University of Chicago, EdD, (honorary) Maryville College

Dean Emeritus


Dean Emeritus of Woodring College of Education, BS, MS, University of Utah; PhD, University of Texas, Austin.


Dean Emeritus of Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, BA, Fairhaven College/Western Washington University; MA, PhD, University of Chicago.


Dean Emerita of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Research, BA, MS, Montana Technological University.


Dean Emeritus of College of Business and Economics, BA, MA, Western Washington University; PhD, Indiana University (Bloomington).


Dean Emeritus of College of Sciences and Technology, BS, University of North Dakota, PhD, Indiana University.


Dean Emeritus of College of the Environment, BA, MA, Western Michigan University; PhD, University of Michigan.

Distinguished Service Professor of Western Washington University


Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of the University. BA, University of Washington; MEd, Western Washington College of Education; PhD, University of Oregon.


Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of the University. BA, MA, University of Western Ontario; PhD, University of Rochester.    


Distinguished Service Professor of the University. BA, Waynesburg College; MA, University of New Hampshire; PhD, University of Oklahoma

Retired Faculty - Emeritus

List of Retired Faculty - Emeritus  


List of faculty  

Library Faculty

JOHN DANNEKER (2023) Dean of Libraries, Professor. BA, Bucknell University; MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison; MLIS, The Catholic University of America.
SIDONIE DEVARENNE (2022) Assistant Professor, Collection Management & Assessment Librarian. BA, Brown University; MLIS, University of Washington.
J. GABRIEL GOSSETT (2009) Associate Professor, Head of Research & Writing Studio. BA, University Wisconsin-Milwaukee; MLS, University Wisconsin-Madison; MEd, Western Washington University.
ELIZABETH JOFFRION (2012) Associate Professor, Director of Archives & Special Collections. BA, Louisiana State University; MA, University of New Orleans; MLIS, University of Maryland.
MADELINE KELLY (2017) Associate Professor, Director of Collections. BA, University of Mary Washington; MLS, Simmons Graduate School of Library & Information Science.
CASEY MULLIN (2016) Associate Professor, Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services. BMus, MMus, Western Washington University; MLS, Indiana University.
JENNY OLEEN (2014) Associate Professor, Scholarly Communications Librarian. BS, Kansas State University; BS, University of Arizona; MLS, Indiana University.
ANDREA PETERSON (1999) Associate Professor. BA, University of Utah; MLS, Indiana University.
JEFF PURDUE (1999) Associate Professor, Faculty Chair, Teaching Learning and Media Librarian. BA, MA, University of Illinois at Chicago; MLS, Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois.
MARIAN A. RITTER (1969) Associate Professor, Head of the Music Library. BME, MLS, University of Portland.
EMILY SPRACKLIN (2019) Assistant Professor, Teaching & Learning Librarian. BA, Western Washington University; MLIS, University of Washington.
ELIZABETH A. STEPHAN (2008) Associate Professor, Teaching & Learning Librarian. BA, Northwest Missouri State University; MLS, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
SYLVIA TAG (1997) Associate Professor, Teaching & Learning Librarian. BA, Colorado College; MLIS, University of Iowa.
MICHAEL TAYLOR (2018) Associate Professor, Special Collections Librarian. BA, Indiana State University; MA & MLS, Indiana State University.
SHEVELL THIBOU (2022) Assistant Professor, Director of Teaching & Learning. BA, MEd, Western Washington University; PhD, Seattle Pacific University.

Degrees Conferred

Total numbers of degrees conferred (undergraduate and graduate) and certificates can be found at the Degrees Conferred website. Degrees conferred data appears from the 2002 academic year through the current fiscal year.