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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix H - WWU Administrative Procedures

Consistent with its Mission and Values, Western Washington University has is required to developed and implements procedures that ensure equal opportunity; and , in order to effectively address situations that violate its policies regarding equal opportunity and nondiscrimination, and sex discrimination, and accommodating people with disabilities. The following section outlines the University’s internal procedures for handling complaints of illegal discrimination and making requests for reasonable accommodation.

(PRO-U1600.02A) Discrimination Complaint Procedure

B. Process for Requesting Disability Accommodations

Employing officials, search committee chairs, supervisors, program directors, deans, faculty and department chairs may all receive requests for accommodation from persons with disabilities. Such rRequests for disability accommodations may be submitted by employees, students, applicants for employment, individuals seeking admission to the University or its academic programs, and persons wishing to use University services or participate in University activities and events. The appropriate University contact varies, depending on whether the person requesting the accommodation is a student, employee, applicant, or a member of the general public.

It is the obligation of an individual with a disability who needs a reasonable accommodation to request that from an appropriate University contact, and to provide documentation of the disability if needed.

  1. Students. Students with documented disabilities who are enrolled at the University are encouraged to seek accommodations and services through Disability Access Center (DAC): Wilson Library 170; (360) 650-3083 (voice) or (360) 650-7175 (VP); drs@wwu.edu; disability.wwu.edu.
  2. Employees. Employees with disabilities are encouraged to inquire about reasonable accommodations to perform the essential functions of their job, meet performance and conduct standards, and enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment. The process for requesting a reasonable accommodation can be found on Western’s Human Resources website under Disability Services or by contacting Human Resources Disability Services at (360) 650-3771 or 711 (Washington Relay).
  3. Job Applicants. Job applicants with disabilities are encouraged to inquire about reasonable accommodations if needed for the application and employment screening process. The policy and procedures for requesting a reasonable accommodation can be found on Western’s Human Resources website. See contact information above.
  4. Applicants for Admission. Applicants may request accommodation during the application process from the Admissions Office at (360) 650-3440 or Disability Access Center (contact information above).
  5. Members of the General Public. Persons with disabilities from the general public needing a reasonable accommodation to participate in a University activity, service or event open to the public are encouraged to contact either the program coordinator for that activity, service or event or the Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Employment Diversity: Old Main 345; (360) 650-3307 or 711 (Washington Relay); eoo@wwu.edu.

The Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Employment Diversity is the University’s ADA Coordinator and may be reached in Old Main 345 or at (360) 650-3307, 711 (Washington Relay), or eoo.wwu.edu. The ADA Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that requests for accommodation are considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with state and federal regulations, that appropriate University officials are involved in evaluating the request, identifying funds and resources and implementing the accommodation, and investigating claims of discrimination on the basis of protected categories, including disability.