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2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Extended Education

Dr. Earl Gibbons
Vice Provost, Extended Education

College Hall 131, 360-650-3308

Extended Education

Extended Education (EE) connects learners of all ages to the Western Experience. EE collaborates with colleges, departments and the community linking University resources with educational needs and opportunities both on and off campus.

EE supports and delivers Western programs to students and community members within and beyond the borders of the Bellingham campus. Bachelor’s degree completion, graduate, and certificate/endorsement programs are available at various locations around Puget Sound and online. Individual distance learning courses are offered via term-based online and self-paced independent learning online for degree completion and professional development purposes. EE also facilitates Western’s Summer Session.

EE reaches out to the public with academic camps and workshops for youth and noncredit enrichment courses for all ages. EE facilitates conferences for groups and organizations, both on and off campus. In addition, EE works with business and industries to develop and implement training programs.

Most programs and courses offered through EE are self-sustaining (not funded by legislative appropriation). Tuition and fees are charged per credit at extension rates and are subject to change.

Degree Programs

Lois Longwood, Director

The following academic programs are offered through the College of Business and Economics, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Sciences and Engineering, Huxley College of the Environment, Woodring College of Education, and the Graduate School. For program information, visit the appropriate website listed below.

Many of these programs are self-sustaining and are contingent upon sufficient enrollment and available University resources.

College of Business and Economics

Business Administration, Managers and Professionals, MBA  

Program Website: http://cbe.wwu.edu/mba/future-mba/wmba.shtml

Business Administration - General Concentration, BA (Management)  

Program Website: http://cbe.wwu.edu/mgmt/poulsbo.shtml

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Communication Sciences and Disorders Post-Baccalaureate Preparation Program  

Program Website: http://www.wwu.edu/csd/postbacprograms.shtml

College of Science and Engineering

Computer Information Systems and Security, BS  

Program Website: http://www.wwu.edu/ee/dp/ciss/

Vehicle Design Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program  

Program Website: http://www.wwu.edu/vri/vehicle-design-post-bac.shtml

Huxley College of the Environment

Huxley on the Peninsulas

Program Website: http://www.wwu.edu/ee/huxley

Environmental Science Extension Major, BS  

Program Website: http://www.wwu.edu/ee/huxley/science.shtml

Environmental Policy (Extension), BA  

Program Website: http://www.wwu.edu/ee/huxley/arts.shtml

Multicultural Initiative in the Marine Sciences - MIMSUP (Undergraduate Program)

Program Website: http://www.wwu.edu/mimsup/

Woodring College of Education

TESOL Certificate  

Program Website: http://www.wwu.edu/tesol

Educational Administration, Thesis, MEd 
Initial Administrator Certificate (Superintendent)  

Program Website: http://wce.wwu.edu/edad/initial-superintendent-certification

Residency Administrator Certificate (Principal)  

Program Website: https://wce.wwu.edu/edad/educational-administration

Human Services, BA  

Program Website: https://wce.wwu.edu/hs/human-services

Nursing (RN-to-BSN), BSN  

Program Website: https://wce.wwu.edu/bsn/rn-bsn-program

Rehabilitation Counseling, Non-Thesis, MA  

Program Website: https://wce.wwu.edu/rc/rehabilitation-counseling

Teacher Education Outreach Programs  

Program Website: https://wce.wwu.edu/teop/teacher-education-outreach-programs

Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE) with a residency teacher certificate and an elementary education endorsement.

Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE) with a residency teacher certificate and dual endorsements in special and elementary education.

Post-Baccalaureate residency teacher certificate with elementary education endorsement.

Western’s outreach program also offers endorsements in Elementary Education and Special Education for teachers who already hold a Washington State Teaching Certificate.

Masters in Teaching (MIT), secondary education.

Degree Programs Site List


Western on the Peninsulas

Candice Merrill, Director
For over 20 years, Western has offered degree, professional and certificate programs to students on the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas. Locations include Bremerton, Port Angeles and its newest site in Poulsbo.

Western Online

Departments across campus in conjunction with EE offer alternatives for completing university credit, including General University Requirements (GURs); upper-division writing proficiency requirements; electives; and courses required for Western majors and minors (degree seeking students should verify requirements for degree/major with the academic department). Many of the courses offered through EE are open to anyone - both Western students and the public may enroll.

Western Online: www.wwu.edu/ee/westernonline/
Andrew Blick, 360-650-2841, WesternOnline@wwu.edu

Online Term Based
Term-based courses begin and end with Western’s quarterly schedule. Students may access the course 24 hours, seven days a week and work at the pace designated by the instructor. Current course offerings, registration information, and tuition details for Term-Based online courses can be found on the WesternOnline website at: www.wwu.edu/ee/westernonline/.

Online Self-Paced (formerly Independent Learning or correspondence): www.wwu.edu/WesternOnline
Kris Lewis, 360-650-3650, iLearn@wwu.edu

Self-Paced courses enable students to start anytime while following a course guide developed for the Self-Paced student. Students will have six months from the month of registration to complete their course, registration information and current offerings can be found on the WesternOnline website at: www.wwu.edu/ee/westernonline/.

Online Degree and Certificate Programs

Human Services, BA
Program Website: https://wce.wwu.edu/hs/human-services

TESOL Certificate
Program Website: http://www.wwu.edu/tesol

Language and Culture Programs

Dr. Frederick O’Connor, Director

Asia University America Program
Dr. Dean Hagin, Director


WWU-Asia University America Program (AUAP) is an English language and cultural orientation program that has been developed cooperatively with Asia University (Tokyo, Japan), Central Washington University, and Eastern Washington University. During this five-month study-abroad program, students from Asia University attend AUAP courses at Western in English as a Second Language, American Cultural Studies, and Global Issues. AUAP students earn credit from Asia University and are not matriculated at Western. Approximately 130 AUAP students come to Western each year, with sessions running from September to mid-February, and late February through late July.

AUAP offers a number of opportunities to the Western community:

  • Language and cultural exchange opportunities to Western students and community residents through the Campus Friends, Community Friends, and Classroom Volunteer programs; these programs provide intercultural contacts both within and beyond the classroom.
  • Informational programming about Japanese culture in various Western classes and residence-hall groups; in addition, AUAP staff facilitates exchanges with AUAP and regular Western classes.
  • Interaction with Japanese students on a daily basis with Western students who share residence halls and dining rooms with AUAP students.
  • Paid leadership positions for Western students, such as international peer advisors and curriculum assistants, that give valuable experience in an intercultural concept, provide opportunities to develop international friendships, and assist in financing their education.
  • Cultural-exchange services to the community, including programming in Bellingham public schools which introduces local elementary school children to Japanese language and culture and, most importantly, to international friendship.
  • Participation by Western faculty and students in research opportunities through AUAP; faculty and students from the communications, foreign languages, psychology, business, and anthropology departments have conducted studies based on linguistic or attitudinal surveys.

Intensive English Program
Dr. Frederick O’Connor, Director


The Intensive English Program (IEP) provides a variety of English language courses designed to prepare international students for academic study at American colleges and universities. IEP classes, which are mostly noncredit, focus on preparing students for these academic experiences, as well as helping them to adapt socially and culturally to living in the U.S. The program emphasizes creating opportunities for Western students and IEP students to interact, both in the classroom and through informal conversational situations.

IEP, in cooperation with the Office of Admissions, manages the conditional admissions process, in which international students, as admitted undergraduates, enroll in a combination of regular academic classes and advanced English-language classes. Conditional admission functions as a bridging process from ESL to university coursework and is designed to better prepare international students for study in degree programs.

Other academic collaboration areas of the University include the following:

  • IEP works with Western faculty to facilitate intercultural experiences for current Western students in communications, management, psychology, anthropology, education and foreign languages courses by arranging joint classes, projects and other interactions with IEP students.
  • IEP is closely linked to the TESOL certificate program by providing practicum experience, tutoring experience and employment opportunities for TESOL students.
  • IEP provides opportunities for Western faculty who have professional relationships in other countries to bring students, individually or in groups, to campus for language and content-area study or for eventual matriculation into Western.

Bridge Program
Maggie Hilty

Western Washington University’s Bridge Program is an optional program designed to help international students make a successful transition into Western classes.

First-year or transfer international students experience a customized quarter of classes that provides extra support from Western faculty as students take credit-bearing coursework. Bridge students also benefit from activities and curriculum that explores language, culture, and transitioning into an American university.

Academy for Lifelong Learning

Lois Longwood, Director

Academy for Lifelong Learning (A.L.L.) offers a diverse spectrum of academic and cultural courses and excursions to adults, regardless of age or educational background. Offerings are noncredit and are taught by Western faculty, faculty emeritus, and experts in various fields and professions.

Professional Studies

Lois Longwood, Director

Professional enrichment opportunities are available for individuals interested in broadening their professional skills, exploring new careers, or seeking additional endorsements or courses for career enhancement. Offerings include:

  • Certificate Programs offer in-depth study in professional and specialized areas resulting in a certificate of completion when the program is successfully completed. Courses are designed to meet the busy schedules of adults.
  • Credit Option/Clock Hour partnerships with professional organizations provide Western credit or clock hours to partnership offerings. Course work must meet University academic standards. Contact: 360-650-3717

Summer Programs

Marlene Harlan, Director

Summer Session is a self-support quarter which offers over 500 academic credit and professional development courses. In addition to the traditional 6- and 9-week courses, offerings include short term, online, and field courses, and faculty-led global learning programs. 360-650-3308, www.wwu.edu/ee/summersession/

Conference Services is active year-round in facilitating and planning professional conferences and workshops for groups and organizations. Services include fiscal management, registration, marketing, web development, hospitality, printing, media equipment and support. 360-650-6821, www.wwu.edu/ee/conference/

Youth Programs are designed for the academic pursuits and leadership development of youth in elementary, middle and high school. Participants live on campus or commute while they explore the arts, humanities, technology, science, outdoor challenges and more. 360-650-6820, www.wwu.edu/ee/youth/

  • College Quest - This college prep program for students entering grades 10-12 is offered each summer. Students complete a real college course, gain valuable “success in college” information, and form extraordinary social connections that come with life in a residence hall. College Quest will bridge the gap between high school and college and put students on a path to personal, educational, and career success.
  • Early Release Program (Academic Year) - This program is for students in grades K-5 who are eager to learn more about science or arts. Students spend an afternoon discovering and exploring exciting topics in science and arts.
  • Global Connections - This summer program provides opportunities for youth in grades 4-6 from diverse cultures to build connections through academic enrichment and recreational activities emphasizing the development of cross-cultural relationships.
  • Grandparents “U” - This intergenerational summer program is designed for grandparents and grandchildren (ages 7-14). Participants choose from exciting classes taught by Western faculty.  Each class provides opportunities to learn, have fun and create lifelong memories.
  • Odyssey of Science and Arts - Western faculty, instructors and staff create summer academic enrichment offerings for students entering grades 4-9. The resulting “signature” courses spotlight areas of their expertise and take advantage of Western’s campus. These courses offer a quality and uniqueness that is hard to find elsewhere. Students attend classes, participate in field trips, work on projects in specialized labs, and engage in a wide range of other hands-on activities which make learning interactive and fun.
  • Western Kids Camp - Youth entering grades K-6 participate in hands-on and interactive morning academic enrichment activities and programmed afternoon recreation based on a weekly theme. Theme-inspired summer sessions include nature, science, culture study, the arts, and more. Students utilize college classrooms, labs, equipment, playing fields, and the award-winning Wade King Student Recreation Center (WKSRC). Campers are divided into groups according to age and participate in age appropriate activities. Western Kids Camp is offered in partnership with EE and Campus Recreation.
  • WWU Lakewood Jr. Sailing Camp - This summer sailing program for youth ages 11-18 is the oldest (since 1981) and most comprehensive sailing program in Whatcom County. Offered by Western’s Viking Union/Lakewood Water Sport Facility, young sailors and windsurfers master skills in a natural environment at Lakewood Water Sport Facility, which is one of the premier facilities in the Northwest and located on the South shore of Lake Whatcom.

Testing Center

Kathy Murray, Manager
Phone: 360-650-3080

The mission of the Testing Center is to provide high quality and secure testing services for students, graduates, professionals, and those from the local and regional community. It strives to administer tests in a pleasant, technologically advanced environment with the goal of promoting satisfaction and achievement in reaching academic and professional goals. The Testing Center subscribes to the NCTA (National College Testing Association) Professional Standards and Guidelines for Post-Secondary Test Centers and is a member of NCTA and CCTC (Consortium of College Testing Centers).

Other functions of the testing center include:

  • Administers and proctors make-up exams and exams for independent study courses.
  • Provides distance learning exams for both Western students and students attending other universities.
  • Provides information on national testing programs.
  • Maintains records of entrance test scores.
  • Administers and proctors course challenge examinations.