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2013-2014 Catalog 
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science/Social Studies, BA

Department of Political Science, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

92-94 credits

Introduction/What is the Study of Political Science/Social Studies?

Political Science is one of the oldest fields of academic inquiry. Social ideals and their realization through law were systematically studied in ancient Greece. In an increasingly interdependent world, the study of politics and government has flourished as the relations between persons, groups and nations have become more complex, and questions of freedom and authority have challenged every citizen. Modern political science is equally concerned with questions of political philosophy and with the pursuit of social scientific research. These concerns are reflected in a broad and diverse curriculum.

The Political Science faculty are committed to the belief that understanding politics and government is essential to a well-educated person, vital to democratic citizenship, indispensable to effective public service, and critical to the maintenance and ethical progress of a free society.

Why Consider a Political Science/Social Studies Major? 

The Political Science curriculum prepares students for careers in public service-related occupations in both government and business. Many students majoring in Political Science go on to law school, graduate school and into the professions.

Secondary Education students who wish to be endorsed in Social Studies may choose this major. However, the Political Science/Social Studies degree does not require that a student pursue a teaching certificate.

To receive a recommendation for state of Washington certification, students must complete the “teacher certification” program, including the contents method course SEC 426, which is offered by the Department of Secondary Education as 1) part of the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree, or 2) as a post-baccalaureate program, or 3) as a part of the Master’s in Teaching degree. See the Secondary Education  section of this catalog for program admission, completion, and teacher certification requirements. Completion of this combined major leads to endorsement in social studies.

 Contact Information

Political Science Department Chair
Sara Weir
Arntzen Hall 415

Department Manager
Joan Blackwell
Arntzen Hall 415

Program Coordinator
Peggy Warner
Arntzen Hall 415

Secondary Education Information
Janna Cecka
Miller Hall 401C

Teacher Education Admissions
Miller Hall 214

 Sample Careers

Teacher - Secondary Education | Attorney | Consumer Advocate | City Manager | Politician | Public Relations Specialist | Journalist | Author | Lobbyist | FBI/CIA Agent | Labor Relations Specialist | Urban Planner 

 Major/Career Resources


How to Declare (Admission and Declaration Process):

Declaration of Major 

Grade Requirements

A grade of C- or better is required for a student’s major or minor courses, and supporting courses for majors and minors. Courses required for a state teaching endorsement must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better