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2013-2014 Catalog 
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dance, BA

Theatre and Dance Department, College of Fine and Performing Arts

77-86 credits

Introduction/What is the Study of Dance?

In the course of their Dance studies, students will learn to understand and evaluate contemporary thinking about dance and related arts, while nurturing a physical and intellectual understanding of the language of movement that is reflective of and insightful toward the human condition.

Why Consider a Dance Major?

The BA is a broadly based degree, with a liberal arts orientation, and is designed for students with a general interest in dance and its applications. BA candidates will focus on pedagogical and historic aspects of Dance Art as well as on the performance/generative components. They will be encouraged to demonstrate proficiency in pedagogy. Dance majors develop multiple skills that are essential in all fields, including self-discipline, collaboration, patience and problem-solving.

 Contact Information

Department Chair
Beth Leonard
Performing Arts 395B

Major Information:
Associate Chair and Dance Coordinator

Cher Carnell
Commissary 113C

 Sample Careers

Dance Educator | Arts Management | Dance Teacher | Community Dance Worker | Choreographer

 Major/Career Resources


How to Declare (Admission and Declaration Process):

To declare, a student must have completed the following requirements:

  • 15 college credits
  • Modern placement of Level One or above.

Advising tips: Students should seek early departmental advising.

Grade Requirements

A grade of C- or better is required for a student’s major or minor courses, and supporting courses for majors and minors.