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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science, Thesis, MA

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Faculty

Abedi, Amir, PhD, comparative politics, European politics, parties and party systems.
Alper, Donald K., PhD, Canadian-politics, Canada-U.S. relations, American politics.
Biswas, Bidisha, PhD, international relations, ethnic and civic conflicts, terrorism, diaspora politics.
Chen, Paul, PhD, law, courts, politics and society, U.S. constitutional law, the Supreme Court.
Deylami, Shirin, PhD. Islamic thought, theories of globalization, religion and politics, contemporary political thought
Donovan, Todd A., PhD, American, state and local, elections and representation.
Horne, Cynthia, PhD, international political economy, comparative political economy, international relations, comparative politics, post-Soviet politics and economics.
Hsueh, Vicki, PhD, political theory, history of political thought, race and ethnicity, colonialism and post-colonialism.
Johnson, Vernon D., PhD, Politics of development, African politics, race and public policy.
Parris, Kristen D., PhD, comparative politics, East Asian politics, development.
Salazar, Debra J., PhD, environmental politics, social movements, statistics.
Singleton, Sara, PhD, American politics, environmental politics, public policy.
Weir, Sara J., PhD, American politics, public policy, gender issues.

Program Advisor: Dr. Amir Abedi, Arntzen Hall 407


The program prepares students for:

  • Employment in management positions in government, nonprofits and the private sector
  • Admission to PhD programs in political science or other social sciences
  • Positions in public policy institutes and think tanks

The Master of Arts program offers three fields of concentration: American politics and policy, comparative politics, and political theory. Students choose a major and minor field of concentration for their program.

Students also may specialize in the environmental policy program, which is jointly offered with Huxley College of the Environment. This specialization is intended for students interested in developing a cognate program involving one field of study (of the three offered) in political science and a field in environmental policy-making studies.

Admissions and Prerequisites

Students who meet the requirements of the Graduate School and who show evidence of strong academic performance and scholarly potential are invited to apply. Admission preference is given to students with course work in political science or related social sciences. Entering students should have completed undergraduate course work in American political processes, as well as course work in social science methodology equivalent to PLSC 366, Research in Politics. Any deficiencies must be satisfied during the student’s first quarter if possible.

Application Information

Admit Quarter: New students will be admitted to this program fall quarter only. Admission decisions normally will be made no later than March 15.  Students should specify their potential thesis topics, and up to two prospective faculty advisors.

Deadlines: To ensure consideration for fall quarter, complete applications must be received by February 1.

Materials supporting graduate applications: All applicants must include a two-page statement of purpose. This statement should explain why the applicant wishes to pursue graduate work in political science. It should also indicate which track and/or field of concentration the applicant intends to pursue. Students should specify their potential theses topics and list up to two prospective faculty advisors. Students are admitted into the program upon agreement of a faculty advisor. See Political Science Faculty research profiles at

Writing Sample. Applicants must submit a writing sample, such as a research paper, or a similar paper demonstrating writing ability.

TA deadline: Preferred consideration will be given to applications completed by February 1.

Specific Test Requirements: Graduate Record Examination, General Test. Applicants with advanced degrees are not required to submit GRE scores.

Program Requirements: (45 credits)

All students are required to declare a major field and a minor field of concentration and take the core course in each. The student must then complete at least two additional 500-level courses in the major field and one more 500-level course in the minor field, as outlined below:

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