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2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Anthropology, Thesis, MA

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Faculty

Boxberger, Daniel L., PhD, ethnohistory, method and theory, North America, Northwest coast.
Campbell, Sarah, PhD, Pacific Northwest prehistory, archaeological method and theory, cultural resource management.
Hammond, Joyce D., PhD, visual anthropology, gender studies, expressive culture, fieldwork methods, and Pacific Asian Rim tourism.
Koetje, Todd A., PhD, archaeology, quantitative methods, spatial studies, method and theory; paleolithic Old World, paleoindian-archaic Northeast U.S.
Loucky, James, PhD, applied anthropology, socialization, immigration, cross-cultural education, Latin America.
Pine, Judith, M.S., PhD, linguistic anthropology, literacy theory, indigenousness, globalization/borders, language maintenance/endangerment, upland peoples of SE Asia/SW China.
Marshall, Robert C., PhD, political economy, symbolism, Marxist anthropology, East Asia, Japan.
Stevenson, Joan, PhD, anthropological genetics and demography, osteology, AD/HD, sex differences, European immigrants.
Young, Kathleen, PhD, gender, religion, war and violence, death and dying, cross-cultural law.

Program Advisor: Dr. Sarah Campbell, Arntzen Hall 342


  • Provide structured training in academic core, appropriate specialization courses, and experience conducting independent research
  • Prepare students for a variety of professional careers utilizing anthropology (e.g. social services, international corporations, cultural resource management, forensics, public health)
  • Prepare students for PhD programs or other advanced degrees.


Undergraduate major in anthropology or equivalent in social sciences, biology or departmental permission; candidates with insufficient background in anthropological theory and method, will be expected to take undergraduate courses as deemed necessary by the anthropology program advisor.

Application Information

Deadline: Please see Graduate School deadlines. Preferred consideration for admission will be given to applicants who have complete files by March 1.

TA Deadline: Preferred consideration will be given to applicants who have complete files by March 1.

Specific Entrance and Test Requirements

  • A 500-word essay stating reasons for wanting to do graduate work in anthropology, and indicating major interests within anthropology
  • Graduate Record Exam, General Test

Both the essay and the GRE are required for admission, but the GRE may be waived for applicants with advanced degrees.

Program Requirements