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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art and Art History


The Department of Art and Art History provides a transformational education that encourages curiosity and facilitates critical inquiry, collaboration, creative problem solving, and community engagement. Through rigorous scholarship, studio practice, global visual arts studies, and experiences beyond the classroom, students gain knowledge and skills that prepare them for successful careers and global citizenship. The three interrelated areas of Art Studio, Art Education, and Art History affirm the liberal arts tradition of the university and inspire innovation, active learners and community leaders.

With innovative and well-established approaches to teaching, artists, art historians and art educators teach a variety of courses that include art education, art history, art theory and criticism, ceramics, digital/time-based media, drawing/painting, fibers/fabrics new media, photography, printmaking and sculpture. The faculty is dedicated to the preparation and sponsorship of students in their post-graduate careers as professional artists, curators, and art historians and educators.

The Department of Art and Art History offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art Studio, and Art History. A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in art is available in Art Studio. A Bachelor of Arts in Education degree is available through Woodring College of Education.


CARA JAYE (1997) Chair and Professor. BFA, Parsons School of Design; MFA, University of Colorado.
GARTH AMUNDSON (2000) Professor. BA, Central Washington University; MFA, Syracuse University.
JIMENA BERZAL de DIOS (2014) Professor. BA, MA, Queens College; PhD, Ohio State University.
CYNTHIA CAMLIN (2008) Professor. BA, Duke University; MA, University of Virginia; Post BA, Yale University; MFA, University of Texas at Austin.
PIERRE GOUR (2013) Associate Professor. BFA, Concordia University; MFA, University of New Mexico.
RYAN KELLY (2016) Associate Professor. BFA, Kansas City Art Institute; MFA; Ohio State University.
MONIQUE KERMAN (2015) Associate Professor. BA, University of Kentucky; MA, University of Arizona; PhD, University of London.
ASHLEY MASK (2022) Assistant Professor. BFA, University of Montevallo; MFA, University of Delaware; MS, Bank Street College of Education; EdD, Columbia University, Teachers College.
SASHA PETRENKO (2019) Assistant Professor. BA, University of California-Berkeley; MFA, Mills College.
SEIKO ATSUTA PURDUE (2002) Professor. BFA, Kyoto Seika University; MA, Montclair University; MFA, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
JULIA SAPIN (2003) Professor. BA, University of Texas; MA, PhD, University of Washington.
LISA TURNER (2015) Associate Professor. BFA, NSCAD University; MFA, University of Alberta.
CHRIS E. VARGAS (2014) Associate Professor. BA, University of California-Santa Cruz; MFA, University of California-Berkeley.

Gallery Director
(2015) BA, University of Iceland; MA, University of New Mexico; MA, Boston University.

Adjunct Faculty
HAFTHOR YNGVASON (2015) BA, University of Iceland; MA, University of New Mexico; MA, Boston University.

Application Requirements: Art Studio and Art Education

Most classes in the Studio area are restricted to majors only. To access classes in this area, an online application to the Department of Art and Art History is required at cfpa.wwu.edu/art/application-process. The application will include a portfolio of recent work and an unofficial transcript of any college-level courses already taken. Application Deadlines: Application deadlines are by midnight on October 15 and January 31. Portfolios must be received by the deadlines.

For application and information: cfpa.wwu.edu/art.

Art Studio and Art Education majors must complete a plan of study with a department advisor before enrolling in any 200-level course.

Application Requirements: Art History

To apply to the Art History major, students must have taken A/HI 275 and two 200-level Art History surveys or pre-approved equivalent courses. Students must have a B average or higher in these classes to be considered for the art history program. Application deadlines for the Art History major are October 15 and January 31 and completed forms must be received in the Department of Art and Art History by those dates.

For application and information: cfpa.wwu.edu/art.

Other Departmental Information


The Department of Art and Art History offers a limited number of scholarships to recognize individual talents, promise, and meritorious achievement. The Bennerstrom Prize and the Sybil Sanford Scholarship are among other scholarships offered in the Department of Art and Art History. Please consult the Art and Art History departmental website and the Scholarship Center in the Office of Financial Aid for information on other scholarships.

Western Gallery and Outdoor Sculpture Collection

The internationally known Outdoor Sculpture Collection includes works by international, national and regional artists, such as Magdalena Abakanowicz, Alice Aycock, Anthony Caro, Mark di Suvero, Nancy Holt, Donald Judd, Robert Morris, Bruce Nauman, Isamu Noguchi, Tom Otterness, Beverly Pepper, Richard Serra, Sarah Sze and Do Ho Suh.

The Western Gallery provides diverse experiences in the visual arts for its constituencies, encompassing the University community and region while providing a point of reference to the national and international art scene. Through historical, contemporary and experimental art exhibitions, through the outdoor collection of contemporary sculpture, through the publications and through interpretative interdisciplinary programs, the Western Gallery is committed to creating an environment for learning. The gallery acts as a center for discussion and exchange of ideas on critical issues in contemporary art. The Western Gallery recognizes its role in expanding its audience’s awareness of the visual arts as central to the dynamic and pluralistic nature of our society. Individuals interested in supervised work in the gallery are encouraged to volunteer their services.


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      Art History

      Courses numbered X37; X97; 300, 400 are described in the University Academic Policies  section of this catalog.

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