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2022-23 Western Washington University Catalog 
2022-23 Western Washington University Catalog


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The Music Department at Western Washington University is centered around a community of collaboration and support where all are welcome and encouraged to learn, explore and create in a positive, nurturing environment. Please enjoy this video about the Music Department. Western graduates become successful teachers, performers, composers, scholars, and leaders in all fields of music. The strength of Western’s Department of Music is our faculty’s commitment to students and helping them achieve their goals and aspirations. The Department of Music encourages and promotes participation from those students whose academic interests lie outside the arts, yet who have the appropriate experience and dedication to succeed in our programs. With more than five hundred students participating in our music program, there are opportunities for performance and academic study at many levels of involvement. Western Washington University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

The Department of Music offers one general and four professional undergraduate programs leading to baccalaureate degrees in music. The general degree program, Bachelor of Arts in Music, provides a liberal arts education with music as the major subject. The four professional undergraduate programs, Bachelor of Music, emphasize the development of proficiency in the major area: music education, performance, history and literature, and composition. The BMus in Music Education has two areas of emphasis: P-12 instrumental music and P-12 general music, and P-12 choral music and P-12 general music. State certification to teach is received concurrently with the granting of the degree. Western’s music education curriculum is constructed to result in a minimum of two endorsements.

The Department of Music offers a Master of Music degree with concentrations in composition, conducting, musicology, music education, and performance. The masters program at WWU emphasizes creativity and scholarship, preparing advanced students for a career in music or providing a solid foundation for doctoral studies.

Ensembles and GUR Courses

A variety of large and small ensembles are open to all WWU students, regardless of major. While most ensembles require an audition, we offer several ensembles that can be joined without a placement audition; University Tenor/Bass & Treble Choirs, Symphonic Band and Viking Pep Band. Auditioned ensembles include Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra, String Sinfonia, Concert Choir, Western Voices, Jazz Big Bands & Combos, Chamber Music (in all instruments and voice), as well as Opera Scenes and full Opera Productions. All music ensembles present public programs throughout the year, and several participate in annual tours. Please visit our website for more information regarding ensemble auditions at cfpa.wwu.edu/ensemble-auditions.

We offer several music courses open to all students in the University that additionally qualify as General University Requirements, GURs. Music courses open to all students in the University include: The Art of Listening to Music, Fundamentals of Music, Pop and Rock Music Survey, Intro to Country Music, Intro to Hip-Hop, Survey of Video Game Music, Electronic Music and Technology, Iconic Music in Iconic Films, and Survey of World Musical Cultures.

Advisement (please read carefully)

The Department of Music provides individual advisement and program planning for all students completing a major or minor in music. Those that are interested in becoming a major or minor should reference the catalog for more details.  


TIMOTHY FITZPATRICK (2006) Chair and Professor. BM, Western Washington University; MM, University of Texas-Austin; MM, Western Washington University.
CHRISTOPHER BIANCO (2006) Dean and Professor. BME, Northwestern University; MM, University of Montana; DMA, the University of Texas-Austin.
PATRICIA BOURNE (2012) Professor. BME, Murray State University; MME, University of Oklahoma; Ed. D, Arizona State University.
GUSTAVO CAMACHO (2014) Associate Professor. BME, New Mexico State University; MM and DMA, Arizona State University.
GRANT DONNELLAN (2000) Professor. BM, Oberlin Conservatory; MM, Yale University.
HEATHER DUDENBOSTEL (2022) Assistant Professor. BM, Western Washington University; MM, New York University.
RYAN DUDENBOSTEL (2014) Associate Professor. BM, Western Washington University; MM, University of Missouri-Kansas City; DMA, UCLA.
JEFFREY GILLIAM (1992) Professor. BMus, Eastman School of Music; MMus, University of Michigan.
RICHARD HODGES (2022) Assistant Professor. BM, North Carolina Central University; MM, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; DMA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 
CHARLES HALKA (2018) Assistant Professor. BM and MM, Peabody Conservatory; DMA, Rice University.
BRUCE HAMILTON (2002) Associate Professor. BM, MM, DM, Indiana University.
MILICA JELAČA JOVANOVIĆ (2004) Professor. BM, University of Belgrade; MM, Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory; DMA, University of Michigan.
ANGELA KASPER (2019) Assistant Professor. BME and MM, Indiana University, DMA, University of Oklahoma.
JAMES RAY (2019) Assistant Professor. BM, Central Washington University; MA, Western Oregon University; DMA, Boston University.
PATRICK ROULET (1994-2004; 2014) Professor. BM University of Michigan; MM Boston University; DMA, University of Washington.
KEVIN WOODS (2015) Associate Professor. BA, Western Washington University; MM, University of Colorado-Boulder.
FELICIA YOUNGBLOOD (2019) Assistant Professor. BA, Catawba College; MM and PhD, Florida State University.

Affiliate Music Faculty

MARINA ALBERO, Instructor, Jazz Ensembles
EMILY ASHER, Instructor, Jazz Ensembles 
HOLLY ALCORN, Senior Instructor, Voice
ERIKA BLOCK, Senior Instructor, Clarinet
LAURA CAMACHO, Senior Instructor, Violin
GREGORY COX, Instructor, Trombone
MARK DAVIES, Senior Instructor, Voice and Opera
AMY FEENEY, Instructor, tuba
GUNNAR FOLSOM, Instructor, Percussion
JOSEPH GOTTESMAN, Instructor, Viola
VINCE GREEN, Senior Instructor, Trumpet
PEDER MACLELLAN, Instructor, Tuba and Euphonium
GABRIEL MANALAC, Collaborative Piano
REBECCA MANALAC, Collaborative Piano
LISA McCARTHY, Senior Instructor, Flute
PAT NELSON, Instructor, Bassoon
HALEY NUTT, Instructor, Musicology, Percussion
DYLAN PALMER, Instructor, Double Bass
MELISSA PLAGEMANN, Instructor, Voice
HEATHER RAY, Instructor, Music History
RACHEL ROULET, Collaborative Piano
JAY ROZENDAAL, Senior Instructor, Voice and Opera
ELI SCHILLE-HUDSON, Instructor, Guitar, Music Theory
LUCAS SENGER, Senior Instructor, Online Hip Hop
AMY SMART, Instructor, Online Country Music
TODD SMITH, Senior Instructor, Music History, Composition, Music Theory
LESLEY SOMMER, Senior Instructor, Music Theory
JANET STEINBERG, Instructor, Cello
JORDAN WATSON, Instructor, Online Electronic Music and Technology
JENNIFER WEEKS, Instructor, Oboe
KATHRYN WELD, Senior Instructor, Voice
JILL WHITMAN, Instructor, Harp
JEANETTE WICKELL, Instructor, Online Survey of World Music
JUDITH WIDRIG, Senior Instructor, Piano, Organ
GREG WILLIAMSON, Instructor, Drumset, Percussion
FRED WINKLER, Senior Instructor, Saxophone
D’ANTHONI WOOTEN, Instructor, Online Video Game Music
KAY ZAVISLAK, Senior Instructor, Piano


The Music Department awards scholarships to incoming music and non-major/minor students through an entrance audition on their primary instrument or voice. Consult the website for information regarding our auditions. cfpa.wwu.edu/music/auditions

Returning (continuing) students are eligible for scholarships based on merit, progress, and growth while a student at Western. Music scholarships for returning students are awarded at the end of spring quarter for the upcoming academic year. 

Students are encouraged to seek additional sources of scholarships noted in the financial aid office: www.finaid.wwu.edu/scholarships/ 

For further information, contact the Program Coordinator, PAC 263, at 360-650-4091 or refer to the website cfpa.wwu.edu/music/advising


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      Courses numbered X37; X97; 300, 400, 500 are described in the University Academic Policies  section of this catalog.

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