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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leadership Studies

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The Leadership Studies program supports students in their leadership journey, which encompasses leadership education, leadership training, and leadership development so that they can become social change leaders for their communities, whether local or global. Courses, activities, and programs in Leadership Studies familiarize students with the practices and consequences of leadership in a variety of cultural and historical contexts. Students engage in empirical research, behavioral observation, reflective inquiry, and critical thinking key to understanding, practicing, and developing as leaders. While Leadership Studies are based in the social sciences, curricular initiatives will include interdisciplinary contributions from the arts, humanities, sciences, and applied and professional studies.

Program Objectives

Students in Leadership Studies will develop knowledge in the following areas of study:

  • the definitions, perceptions, and impacts of leadership.
  • the cultural and contextual forces that influence leadership processes and outcomes.
  • effective leadership and communication skills, including those important to teamwork, collaboration, and interdependence.
  • leadership philosophies, traits, strengths, and styles.
  • the responsibility of leaders to address issues of inclusion and diversity to develop a constructive climate through ethical, positive, and nurturing leadership practices.
  • complex thinking, innovative problem solving, and social change. 
  • adaptability and perseverance to overcome obstacles.

For more information, contact the Karen W. Morse Institute for Leadership at 360-650-4000 or visit Arntzen Hall 444.


KAREN ROHRBAUCK STOUT (2000) Bowman Distinguished Professor of Leadership Studies and Director of the Karen W. Morse Institute for Leadership. BA, University of Puget Sound; MA, University of Montana; PhD, University of Utah.


    Undergraduate Minor


      Leadership Studies

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