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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Multidisciplinary Studies

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The Multidisciplinary Studies Major is designed for students seeking a flexible academic focus that transcends disciplinary boundaries. Students may develop a personalized plan of study utilizing resources across multiple departments. The major affords students the opportunity to prepare themselves for work in a variety of areas. In consultation with the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor, students design their program of study under the Multidisciplinary Studies Major guidelines.

The BA in Multidisciplinary Studies is administered and awarded by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS). In keeping with the goals, mission, and standards for all students in CHSS, the Multidisciplinary Studies Major aspires to graduate individuals who: can appreciate cultural differences and differences of opinion; have developed moral and aesthetic sensibilities; have mastered the basic tools of literacy, communication, and technology; have acquired levels of knowledge about the natural and social worlds, past and present, sufficient for responsible citizenship and the enjoyment of a civilized society; and are lifelong learners.

Students interested in pursuing the Multidisciplinary Studies Major should contact the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor. See chss.wwu.edu/multidisciplinary-studies.

Declaration Process

A Multidisciplinary Studies Major is available only through an application process.

  1. Students are required to meet with the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor to develop a plan of study.
  2. The plan of study for the proposed Multidisciplinary Studies Major must identify educational objectives and the course planning should be linked to the objectives. A program theme should be developed and designed with advisement from the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor.
    1. Students must meet all of the prerequisites for courses in the proposed major. No plan of study will be approved if it is apparent that the student hopes to avoid course prerequisites or sequencing.
    2. Upper division courses in some departments may not be available due to competitive access with the departmental majors and cannot be included in the plan of study unless some prior arrangement and approval has been granted by the department.
  3. Students must obtain final approval of the plan of study from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences through the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor.
  4. Major declaration is completed using the Registrar Office’s online form at esign.wwu.edu/forms/Registrar/_major_decl_and_change_5.aspx and approved by the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor.

Additional Information:

  • Fairhaven students may not complete the Multidisciplinary Studies major.
  • A Multidisciplinary Studies Major cannot be earned concurrently with another major.
  • Any major earned after the degree is awarded may not be based on essentially the same constellation of courses as the student’s Multidisciplinary Studies Major.
  • Students who have earned a baccalaureate degree at Western cannot major in Multidisciplinary Studies.
  • A minor in Multidisciplinary Studies is not offered.


    Undergraduate Major


      Multidisciplinary Studies

      Courses numbered X37; X97; 300, 400 are described in the University Academic Policies  section of this catalog.

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