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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Dr. Art Sherwood, Director

The IDEA Institute at Western Washington University (WWU) promotes multi-purpose, interdisciplinary entrepreneurship and innovation. Any student from any college can receive a minor in entrepreneurship and combine it with the focus of their studies here at Western. At the IDEA Institute, entrepreneurship is for everyone. Whether you focus on social justice, environment, arts, education, business, humanities, engineering or any other subject, this interdisciplinary program is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully engage in entrepreneurial and innovative behaviors in new and existing organizations. 

In our programs, students learn how to recognize opportunities and needs, and link them to innovative approaches while bringing resources and people together to make change happen. We explore organizational contexts with varied economic and non-economic purposes and possible ways to effect desired change. Students have the opportunity to gain increasingly deep experience in entrepreneurship and innovation related to their field of study. They will experience a combination of online modules and in-class laboratory learning opportunities with increasing levels of knowledge, experience and practice. Classes are designed to support, connect, challenge and engage participants with further opportunities and engagement experiences both on and off campus.

These programs facilitate experiential growth, community networking and personal application. We seek students and instructors with diverse interests, expertise and experiences to help create a unique culture of leaders, innovators and changemakers.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor that IDEA offers is multi-purpose, interdisciplinary training which means entrepreneurship is for Everyone so along with students previously studying business, students interested in social entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship or any kind of innovation related to their field of study are encouraged to apply. 

Students on the minor track will take 3 courses twice (for a total of 6 classes) throughout their time at Western.

ENTR 246 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation: This course lays the foundations for the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation knowledge, skills and abilities. In the context of new and existing organizations with varied economic and non-economic purposes, students will examine opportunity and how to bring innovation to bear on these through bringing together resources and people to effect desired change. Repeatable up to 8 credits, including original course.

ENTR 346 - Intermediate Entrepreneurship and Innovation: This course builds upon the Entrepreneurship Foundations (ENTR 246) course and provides additional student entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and abilities through increasingly deep and complex experiences in and out of the classroom. Students will engage in creation and development of their own ventures, engage with ongoing ventures and will provide coaching/mentoring to earlier stage entrepreneurship students. Repeatable up to 8 credits, including original course.

ENTR 446 - Advanced Entrepreneurship and Innovation: This advanced course builds upon Entrepreneurship Foundations (ENTR 246) and Intermediate Entrepreneurship Experience (ENTR 346) to provide an outwardly focused, deeply experiential and complex set of entrepreneurial learning opportunities. Students will spend significant time applying the knowledge and skills attained to increase their entrepreneurial abilities through multiple, custom built, highly integrated projects and ventures in real-life contexts. Repeatable up to 8 credits, including original course.


Our mission is to create more social impact, more on-purpose living, more leadership, more innovation and more community grounded in changemaking and innovation.


We envision a community of changemakers.  We see a better tomorrow driven by the collaborative work of people today. We envision a dynamic culture where it is the norm to see and understand opportunities and challenges, are connected to a network of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and skilled people from around the world, and are able to access and bring to bear resources to grasp opportunities that meet challenges in innovative and scalable ways.


ARTHUR L. SHERWOOD (2014) Assistant Professor. BBA, University of Wisconsin-Madison; MBA, MS, PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington.

Other Departmental Information

Advising and Declaration Process:

Students must have confirmed admission to Western Washington University and have met the grade requirements below. Students who wish to register for an Entrepreneurship and Innovation course should contact the IDEA Institute Director. Students interested in social entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship or any kind of entrepreneurship or innovation related to their field of study are encouraged to apply.

Grade Requirements:

Students must complete eight credits of ENTR 246 (2 courses) with an average of B or higher to complete the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor application form.





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