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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication Studies

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We teach communication studies that nurture inclusive civil discourse, critical thinking, and cooperative solutions in a diverse global community. We offer opportunities to develop strong communication skills within a challenging liberal arts program.

Our major program prepares students to speak and write proficiently, think critically, apply communication concepts competently, work cooperatively in small groups, and reflect on ethical dimensions of their actions. We focus on interactive learning in a high quality communication studies curriculum. We assist planning so that students effectively manage time to graduation. We emphasize carefully guided, performance-based learning characterized by a low student-to-faculty ratio in the classroom. And we offer the opportunity to participate in a nationally recognized forensics program. Faculty and staff encourage a sense of community. We engage with students to support their wellbeing and success. Through the talents, intellectual curiosity, and versatility of our diverse faculty we have established a strong intercultural and global orientation. We provide General Education Requirement courses that are crucial to the university’s undergraduate communication education, and our communication theory and applications courses also instruct other majors. We are committed to community partnerships for strong service-learning and internships, and we serve the citizens of Washington in progressive communication instruction.

Communication Studies

The Department of Communication Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with courses in interpersonal and small group communication, organizational communication, mass communication, intercultural communication, communication technologies, research methods, ethics, rhetoric, persuasion, public speaking, and debate.


STEVEN G. WOODS (2001) Chair and Professor. BS, MA, Kansas State University; PhD, Florida State University.
RITA DANIELS (2016) Assistant Professor. BAE, MPhil, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana; MA, Ohio University; PhD, West Virginia University.
MICHAEL KARLBERG (1997) Professor. BA, University of California; MA, PhD, Simon Fraser University.
EE LIN LEE (2005) Professor. BA, MA, Western Michigan University; PhD, University of New Mexico.
TARA PERRY (2005) Professor. BA, Western Washington University; MA, PhD, Washington State University.
KAREN ROHRBAUCK STOUT (2000) Professor. BA, University of Puget Sound; MA, University of Montana; PhD, University of Utah.
RAE LYNN SCHWARTZ-DUPRE (2006) Associate Professor. BA, University of Vermont; MA, Wake Forest University; PhD, University of Iowa.
JIANGLONG WANG (1989) Professor. BA, Fudan University; MA, PhD, Northwestern University.

Becoming a Communication Studies Major

Students wishing to declare a major in Communication Studies must complete the pre-requisites and then apply to become a major by submitting a portfolio to the department. Details regarding the pre-requisites and application process can be found on the Communication Studies, BA  page.



    Undergraduate MajorUndergraduate Minor


      Communication Studies

      Courses numbered X37; X97; 300, 400 are described in the University Academic Policies  section of this catalog.

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