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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Canadian-American Studies

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The Canadian-American Studies major and minor are designed to expand knowledge of Canada and understanding of Canadian-American issues and problems.

The Canadian-American studies curriculum prepares students for positions in education, businesses, government, communications and international organizations in the U.S., Canada and other areas of the world. Canadian-American Studies combines well with other majors and minors to add depth and international expertise. Examples include combining Canadian-American Studies with: environmental science and policy, international business, geography, anthropology, political science, marketing, communications, history and foreign languages.

Opportunities for study in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Québec are available.

For program advisement, contact Chuck Hart, program manager, phone 360-650-3728, fax 360-650-3995, e-mail: Chuck.Hart@wwu.edu.

Participating Canadian-American Studies Faculty

DAVID ROSSITER, Director, Center for Canadian-American Studies. Environmental Studies. Canadian geography, environmental history and natural resource management.
AMIR ABEDI, Political Science. Comparative politics, European politics.
TROY ABEL, Environmental Studies. Environmental policy and resolutions.
DONALD ALPER, Professor Emeritus, Political Science. Canadian politics/government.
BIDISHA BISWAS, Political Science. Security and counterterrorism.
DANIEL BOXBERGER, Anthropology. First Nations, Native Peoples and natural resources.
PATRICK BUCKLEY, Geography. Transborder economic modeling and GIS.
SARAH CAMPBELL, Anthropology. Pre-history of the Northwest coast.
SARAH CLARK-LANGAGER, Western Gallery Director.
STEVEN GLOBERMAN, Kaiser Professor of International Business and Director of the Center for International Business. Canadian economy.
LEE GULYAS, English. Canadian Literature.
VICKI HAMBLIN, French. French literature.
CÉCILE HANANIA, French. Twentieth century French literature and literary theory and Québec culture.
CAROL JANSON, Art. Art history.
T.H. KAMENA, Political Science. Canadian politics/government.
CHRISTINA KEPPIE, French. Acadian culture.
KEVIN LEONARD, History. Pacific Northwest history.
ROBERT LOPRESTI, Wilson Library. Canadian government information.
JAMES LOUCKY, Anthropology. North American borderlands.
JEAN MELIOUS, Environmental Studies. Canadian environmental policy and law.
ROBERT MONAHAN, Professor Emeritus, Geography. Canadian geography.
EDWARD OUSSELIN, French. French cultural studies and film studies.
NANCY PAGH, English. Canadian literature.
THOMAS ROEHL, Management. International business and management.
CHRISTOPHER SANDS, Management. Ross Distinguished Professorship of Canada/U.S. Business and Economic Relations.
SARA SINGLETON, Political Science. Public policy and environmental politics.

Named Professorships

Ross Distinguished Professorship of Canada/U.S. Business and Economic Relations (position is in the College of Business and Economics).

Study Abroad

The Center for Canadian-American Studies encourages students to spend one or more quarters in a study abroad program in Canada. We offer a number of exchange opportunities with universities across Canada. For more information, please contact Chuck Hart, program manager, phone 360-650-3728 or send e-mail to Chuck.Hart@wwu.edu.


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      Canadian/American Studies

      Courses numbered X37; X97; 300, 400 are described in the University Academic Policies  section of this catalog. NOTE: Most Canadian-American Studies courses are listed in the individual disciplines. See individual department listings for course titles and descriptions included under the Canadian-American Studies major and minor.

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