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2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EXT 424G - Current Educational Topics: Numerical Reasoning

Designed as part of a series of mathematics content courses for educators. Participants will have opportunities to deepen their understanding of the mathematics of number. Participants will work as independent problem solvers in small collaborative groups within a classroom environment that fully models what we want for students. Performance assessment (WASL-type scoring rubrics, learning logs, observations and on demand assessment tasks) will be used to judge the quality of student work. In addition to doing and learning mathematics, participants will have professional articles to read and synthesize each evening, with group discussions of the articles held each morning. The course is designed so that teachers have opportunities to learn important mathematics and to experience and examine characteristics of an optimal environment. This fourth in a series of courses will provide educators with an opportunity to more fully understand number theory while continuing to prepare them to fundamentally restructure their classrooms so that mathematics instruction is fully aligned with the goals and intent of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ “Curriculum and Evaluation Standards” (1980), the NCTM “Professional Teaching Standards” (1990), and Washington State’s Essential Learnings in Mathematics.

Credits: 4
Grade Mode: L

Interdisciplinary Studies
Extended Education

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