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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Registrar’s Office, Old Main 230, 360-650-3430

Registration for each quarter is conducted in three phases using Web for Student,

  • Phase I — A period of two to three weeks in which continuing and returning students and new graduate and transfer students register
  • Phase II — A period before the start of classes when students can change their schedules. Except as noted elsewhere, new freshmen register on the last day of Phase II, which is the day before classes begin each term
  • Phase III — Registration beginning the first day the quarter and ending at 5pm on the fifth day of the quarter. Students may register online during the first five days of the quarter; however, entering classes late may cause difficulty

Complete registration instructions can be found on the Registration icon on Western’s home page and in the Summer Bulletin on the Web. It is very important that students make certain after registering that they have done so properly by checking their schedules via Web4U. Students are prohibited from attending a class without being registered.

Summerstart, a special orientation and registration program for new fall quarter freshmen, is conducted during the summer preceding fall quarter. Each freshman student who has accepted an offer of admission for fall quarter will be sent complete information about this program. New freshmen unable to attend Summerstart should plan to attend the orientation and advising program held at the beginning of each term.

Transitions, a special orientation and registration program for new fall quarter transfer students, is conducted during the summer preceding fall quarter. New transfer students unable to attend Transitions should plan to attend the orientation and advising program held at the start of each term. Each transfer student who has accepted an offer of admission will be sent complete information about orientation and advising.

Student Responsibility for Registration

Students are responsible for completing their own registration each quarter. While faculty may provide permission with an override to enroll in a restricted course, the student must complete the process via Web4u. Schedule changes initiated after the first week of the quarter, and independent study registrations, must be submitted in person at the Registrar’s Office.

It is important for students to make certain they are not registering for a course in which they already received credit, either at Western or elsewhere. Unless the course is marked in this catalog as repeatable, it cannot be taken more than once for credit.

Registration Restrictions

For pedagogical reasons, some courses are restricted to certain levels of students, to students who are declared majors, or to those who have received special permission from the instructor. Such restrictions are listed in the online Timetable of Classes. The student is responsible for ensuring that he or she has satisfied all prerequisites before registering for a course. A student who has registered for a course without satisfying prerequisites may be required to withdraw from the course by the instructor.

Registration Holds

A “hold” is placed on registration for students who have any outstanding obligations to the university. These obligations can include outstanding debts, failure to comply with immunization policies, failure to comply with certain admissions requirements or academic regulations, and violations of conduct codes or other University rules.

Waitlisting & Registration

To determine course demand and provide an automated registration process for courses that are full, Western implemented and continues to pilot the waitlisting process in Web4U through the 2011-12 academic year. Most courses are waitlisting capable during Phase I, II and III, meaning that once course enrollment meets capacity, students wishing to enroll in the course may add themselves to the waitlisting through Web4U. All prerequisites and registration requirements apply. If an already enrolled student drops the course an automated message is sent to the first person on the waitlist and offers that available seat. Students on waitlists who receive notification of seat availability are responsible for actively registering themselves via Web4U otherwise a notification is sent to the next student on the waitlist after a set period of time. For further details on waitlisting processes and policy, please see the Registrar’s Office website.

Late Registration

The deadline to register or to add a class is 5pm on the fifth day of the quarter (see the Summer Session website for summer quarter registration deadlines).

Late registration is permitted only in exceptional cases. After the first five days of a quarter (excluding summer), initial registration is allowed only by: 1) obtaining an override or written permission from the course instructor, and 2) paying the late registration fee. Students adding classes to an existing schedule beginning the sixth day of the quarter through the end of the second week must obtain an override or written permission from the course instructor but will not be charged a late-add fee until the beginning of the third week. (See Summer Session Bulletin for specific summer quarter dates).

Extension Registration

Registration procedures for extension programs vary. Contact the appropriate program office for registration dates. See the Extended Education and Summer Programs section in this catalog.

Students may register for Independent Learning courses at any time, call (360) 650-3650. Enrollment in only correspondence courses does not qualify as continuing enrollment for WWU students. Contact the Registrar’s Office for information regarding student status.

Changes in Registration

Policies concerning changes in registration, such as withdrawal from a course or from the University, are described in the section titled University Academic Policies .

Student Records Security

Washington Administrative Code 516-26-070 prohibits access to or misuse of a student’s educational records. Any person who inappropriately gains access to a student’s records, or tampers with a student’s registration, will be subject to disciplinary action.

Directory Information/Confidentiality

The University publishes an annual student directory, showing your name and local phone number. You may elect to have this information omitted by completing a Request for Confidential Status of Directory Information form in the Registrar’s Office, Old Main 230. If this option is chosen, NO information will be released about you, including degrees and awards earned.

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