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2024-25 Western Washington University Catalog 
2024-25 Western Washington University Catalog

What’s New for 2024-25

WWU Poulsbo location at Olympic College.

One of several Western Washington University locations in the state of Washington is at Olympic College in Poulsbo. This partnership between WWU and Olympic College allows the space to offer residents of Kitsap County and Olympic Peninsula bachelor’s degree programs such as Cybersecurity, Environmental Studies, Sociology and more.

2024-25 University Catalog Highlights

New Ethnic Studies department begins

Photo of Western students who helped bring a new Ethnic Studies department.We are delighted to welcome students to Ethnic Studies, which will launch in fall 2024. This comes after years of student demands and institution building. In 1969, Western Washington University established the College of Ethnic Studies. This college was birthed by student protests and calls for greater BIPOC representation on campus and in the curriculum. The college closed in 1978 but its legacy inspired our students to revitalize Ethnic Studies on campus. Our department builds on the legacy of the former College of Ethnic Studies by serving minoritized communities, promoting empowerment and liberation, and integrating theory and practice throughout the curriculum.

As a result, Ethnic Studies at WWU will equip students with foundational knowledge and the practical and conceptual tools to deal with our increasingly diverse and stratified society. We look forward to seeing you in our classes and during our Department opening!

Ethnic Studies Department  

Ethnic Studies, BA  

Writing Proficiency (WP) points added to courses

Writing Proficiency (WP) points are now fixed for the 2024-25 academic year and beyond. WP values may be found in course information in the University Catalog, at registration, and in future terms so students may plan their schedules. Previously, WP values were at the discretion of the department and not public facing in the University Catalog, etc. The upper-division WP requirement is a University-wide requirement for all undergraduate students, and students must complete a minimum of three WP points in designated courses.

Western establishes academic program on the Peninsulas

Western on the Peninsulas  offers tailored academic programs serving the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula regions, including Jefferson, Clallam, Mason, and Kitsap counties. Western Washington University, in collaboration with Olympic College and Peninsula College, aims to enhance access to degree programs and certifications in the Peninsulas region, focusing on 2+2 pathways leading to well-paying jobs in high-demand sectors identified by local industries and employers. 

Undergraduate programs are designed to integrate with community college transfer pathways, facilitating access to 4-year degrees and living-wage employment opportunities in the region. Recognizing the diverse needs of individuals across a broad geographic area, Western on the Peninsulas programming utilizes research-based educational practices that provide flexibility through face-to-face, hybrid, and online modalities.

This focus requires the creation based on the core elements of the Bellingham campus-based Sociology Bachelor of Arts program, but with the flexibility needed for the working professional in this region.

Sociology for Professionals, BA  

2024-25 Curriculum Highlights

First Master of Science in Nursing programs are now available

WWU Nursing is pleased to announce a new Master of Science in nursing (MSN) program which offers Nursing Education, MSN  and a Nursing Leadership & Administration, MSN . The program is a two-year, full-time, 48-credit non-thesis master’s degree that combines online coursework with immersive face-to-face sessions three times per quarter on the Bellingham Campus and hands-on practical experiences arranged by the faculty in the community. Students collaborate with seasoned preceptors across various settings, including palliative care, public health, primary care, rural health, tribal health, nursing education, and acute care.

Nursing Program: wce.wwu.edu/nursing

MSN in Nursing Education: wce.wwu.edu/nursing/msn-nursing-education

MSN in Nursing Leadership & Administration: wce.wwu.edu/nursing/msn-nursing-leadership-admin

Updates to program locations at Western campus sites

Visit Programs by Location for an updated list of Western Washington University programs of study offered at other campus locations.

Academic department name change

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures  (was Modern and Classical Languages)

Global Studies  (was International Studies)

New programs of study

New certificates

Programs of study with title changes

New course prefixes

  • DRR (Diversity, Recruitment and Retention)
  • ETHN (Ethnic Studies)
  • GLBL (Global Studies)
  • PSEC (Pre-Secondary)
  • RDG (Reading)

New courses

List of new courses approved for the 2024-25 academic year   

Catalog Policy Updates

Policies effective fall 2024

  • Crosslisting: University-approved definition and examples for more clarity in scheduling.

Policies effective fall 2023

  • Grades and Grade Reporting: University-approved updates to the Incomplete (K) grade.
  • Honors: University-approved updates to the Outstanding Graduate award that recognizes excellence among Western’s students.
  • Prerequisites: University-approved updates to satisfying prerequisites for registration. 

Policies effective fall 2022

2024-25 University Catalog road map

  • Redesign of programs of study template.
  • List of courses approved for hybrid and online modalities.