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2023-24 Western Washington University Catalog 
2023-24 Western Washington University Catalog

Programs of study offered at WWU - Bellingham

College of Business and Economics

College of the Environment

College of Fine and Performing Arts

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Science and Engineering

Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies

University Interdisciplinary Studies

Woodring College of Education

Note: Minors aren’t included in the following list.

College of Business and Economics


Accounting, BA  

Accounting — Economics Concentration, BS  

Accounting — Finance Concentration, BS  

Accounting — Financial Economics Concentration, BS  

Accounting — Management Information Systems Concentration, BS  

Accounting — Operations Concentration, BS  

Professional Accounting, Non-Thesis, MPAcc   

Decision Sciences

Business Administration — Management Information Systems Concentration, BA  

Business Administration — Operations Management Concentration, BA  

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, BS  


Economics, BA  

Economics/Accounting, BA  

Economics/Environmental Studies, BA  

Economics/Mathematics, BA  

Economics/Political Science, BA  

Economics/Social Studies, BA  

Financial Economics, BA  

Politics/Philosophy/Economics, BA  

Finance & Marketing

Business Administration — Finance Concentration, BA  

Business Administration — Marketing Concentration, BA  


Business Administration — International Business Concentration, BA  

Business Administration — Management Concentration, BA  

Business and Sustainability, BA  

Business and Sustainability — Energy Studies Concentration, BA  

Master of Business Administration

Business Administration, Daytime, MBA  

Business Administration, Evening Part-Time, MBA  

College of the Environment

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Science, BS  

Environmental Science — Freshwater & Terrestrial Ecology Emphasis, BS  

Environmental Science — Toxicology Emphasis, BS  

Environmental Science — Marine Science Emphasis, BS  

Environmental Science, Thesis, MS  

Environmental Science, Marine and Estuarine Science (MES), Thesis, MS  

Salmon Enhancement: Habitat Restoration Certificate  

Student/Faculty Designed, BS (College of the Environment)  

Environmental Studies

Environmental Education, Non-Thesis, MEd  

Environmental Education, Thesis, MEd    

Environmental Studies — Education & Eco-Social Justice Emphasis, BA  

Environmental Studies — Elementary, BAE  

Environmental Studies — Geography Emphasis, BA  

Environmental Studies — Geographic Information Science Emphasis, BA  

Environmental Studies — Justice & Community Resilience Emphasis, BA  

Environmental Studies — Policy, Politics, and Governance Emphasis, BA  

Environmental Studies, BA   

Environmental Studies, MA  

Environmental Studies/Journalism, BA  

Geographic Information Science Certificate  

Geographic Information Science Certificate (graduate)  

Geography — Elementary, BAE  

Geography/Social Studies, BA  

Salmon Enhancement: Community Education Certificate  

Student/Faculty Designed, BA (College of the Environment)  

Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy

Environmental Policy, BA  

Urban Planning and Sustainable Development, BA  

Urban Sustainability, BA  

College of Fine and Performing Arts

Art and Art History 

Art History, BA   

Art Studio, BA  

Art Studio, BFA  

Art — Elementary, BAE  

Art — P-12, BAE  


Design, BFA  

Illustration Certificate  


Music Education P-12, BMus  

Music — Composition Concentration, BMus  

Music — Musicology, BMus  

Music — Performance Concentration, BMus  

Music, BA  

Music, MMus  

Theatre and Dance

Dance, BA  

Dance, BFA  

Dance Additional Teaching Endorsement  

Theatre, BA  

Theatre Arts P-12, Additional Teaching Endorsement  

College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Anthropology/Biology, BA  

Anthropology, BA  

Anthropology/Social Studies, BA  

Anthropology — Biocultural Concentration, BA  

Anthropology — Archaeology Concentration, BA  

Anthropology — Elementary, BAE  

Anthropology, Thesis, MA  

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Clinical Doctorate in Audiology, AuD  

Communication Sciences and Disorders Post-Baccalaureate Preparation Program  

Communication Sciences and Disorders, BA  

Speech-Language Pathology, Non-Thesis Option, MA  

Speech-Language Pathology, Thesis Option, MA  

Communication Studies

Communication Studies, BA  

East Asian Studies

East Asian Studies, BA  


Creative Writing, MFA  

English Language Arts — Secondary, Additional Endorsement  

English — Creative Writing Emphasis, BA  

English — Creative Writing Emphasis, BA, with Teaching Endorsement Option  

English — Literature Emphasis, BA  

English — Literature Emphasis, BA, with Teaching Endorsement Option  

English — Multilingual Education Emphasis, BA, with Teaching Endorsement Option  

English, Non-Thesis, MA  

English, Thesis, MA  

Global Humanities and Religions

Humanities: History of Culture, BA  

Religion and Culture, BA  

Health and Human Development

Kinesiology — Exercise Science Specialization, BS  

Kinesiology — Pre-Healthcare Professions Specialization, BS  

Kinesiology — Sport Psychology Specialization, BS  

Kinesiology, Exercise Science Option, Thesis, MS  

Kinesiology, Sport and Exercise Psychology Option, Thesis, MS  

Public Health, BS  

Recreation Management and Leadership, BA  


History — Elementary, BAE  

History, BA  

History/Social Studies, BA  

History, Thesis, MA  


Journalism — Visual Journalism, BA  

Journalism — News/Editorial, BA  

Journalism — Public Relations, BA  


Linguistics, BA  

Linguistics, Literature, and Writing, BA, with Teaching Endorsement Option  

Modern and Classical Languages

Chinese Language and Culture, BA  

Chinese Language and Culture, BA with Teaching Endorsement Option  

French — Elementary, BAE  

French, BA  

French, BA with Teaching Endorsement Option  

French/German, BA  

French/Spanish, BA  

German — Elementary, BAE  

German, BA  

German, BA with Teaching Endorsement Option  

German/Spanish, BA  

Japanese, BA  

Japanese, BA with Teaching Endorsement Option  

Latin American Studies, BA  

Spanish, BA with Teaching Endorsement Option  

Spanish — Elementary, BAE  

Spanish, BA  

Multidisciplinary Studies

Multidisciplinary Studies, BA  


Philosophy, BA  

Political Science

Political Science/Social Studies, BA  

Political Science, BA  


Behavioral Neuroscience, BS  

Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Non-Thesis, MS  

Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Thesis, MS  

Psychology: Human Development — Elementary, BAE  

Psychology, BS  

Psychology — Experimental, Thesis, MS  

School Counselor, Non-Thesis, MEd  

School Counselor, Thesis, MEd  


Sociology, BS  

Sociology/Social Studies, BA  

Sociology — Elementary, BAE  

Sociology, BA  

Student/Faculty Design Majors

Student/Faculty Designed, BA (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)  

Student/Faculty Designed, BS (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)  

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, BA  

College of Science and Engineering


Biology — Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology (EEO) Emphasis, BS  

Biology — General Emphasis, BS  

Biology — Marine Emphasis, BS  

Biology — Molecular and Cell Biology Emphasis, BS  

Biology — Secondary Teaching Emphasis, BS  

Biology, BA  

Biology, Marine and Estuarine Science, Thesis, MS  

Biology, Thesis, MS  

Biology/Anthropology, BS  

Biology/Mathematics, BS  


Biochemistry, BA  

Biochemistry, BS  

Chemistry, Industry Internship, Non-Thesis, MS  

Chemistry, Thesis, MS  

Chemistry/Mathematics — Secondary, BAE  

Chemistry, BA  

Chemistry, BS  

Chemistry/Physics — Secondary, BAE  

Chemistry/Biology — Secondary, BAE  

Computer Science

Computer Science, Non-Thesis, MS  

Computer Science, BS  

Computer Science — Secondary, BAE  

Content Development Certificate  

Cybersecurity Certificate  

Cybersecurity, BS  

Data Science, BS  

E-Commerce Developer Certificate  

Web Programming Certificate  

Engineering and Design

Electrical and Computer Engineering, BS  

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Non-Thesis, MS  (not accepting students until 2024-25)

Industrial Design, BS  

Manufacturing Engineering, BS  

Polymer Materials Engineering, BS  


Earth Science — Elementary, BAE  

Earth Science — Secondary, BAE  

Earth Science/General Science — Secondary, BAE  

Geology, Thesis, MS  

Geology, BA  

Geology, BS  

Geophysics, BS  


Applied Mathematics, BS  

Mathematics, BA  

Mathematics, BS  

Mathematics — Secondary, BAE  

Mathematics — Elementary, BAE  

Mathematics, Non-Thesis, MS  

Mathematics, Thesis, MS  

Mathematics/Computer Science, BS  

Statistics, BS  

Physics and Astronomy

Physics/Mathematics — Secondary, BAE  

Physics, BS  

Science Education

General Science — Middle Level, BAE  

General Science — Elementary, BAE  

Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Fairhaven Upside-Down Program, BA  

Interdisciplinary Concentration: Law, Diversity & Justice Emphasis, BA  

Interdisciplinary Concentration, BA  

University Interdisciplinary Programs

American Cultural Studies

American Cultural Studies, BA  

Canadian-American Studies

Canadian-American Studies, BA  

Energy Studies

Energy Economics Certificate  

Energy Policy Certificate  

Energy Policy Certificate (graduate)  

Energy Policy and Management, BA  

Energy Science and Technology, BS  

Energy and Environment Certificate  

Energy in the Built Environment Certificate  

Northwest Electric Energy Systems Certificate  

Northwest Electric Energy Systems Certificate (graduate)  

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate  

FOREST (Foundations of Outdoor Recreation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Tourism) Certificate  

International Studies

TESOL: Supporting English Language Learners Certificate  

Marine and Coastal Science

Marine and Coastal Science, BS  

Woodring College of Education

Early Childhood, Elementary, and Multilingual Education

Early Childhood Education P-3 Option, BAE  

Early Childhood Education — Non Certification, BAE  

Elementary Education Professional Program   

English Language Learners & Bilingual Education, BAE  

English Language Learner/Bilingual Endorsement Program  

Language, Literacy, and Cultural Studies, BAE  

Language and Literacy, Non-Thesis, MEd  

Language and Literacy, Thesis, MEd  

Media and Digital Literacy Certificate  

Reading — P-12 Additional Endorsement  

Education Leadership and Inclusive Teaching

Disability and Advocacy, BAE  

Early Childhood Special Education P-3 and Early Childhood Education P-3 (Dual Endorsement), BAE  

Early Childhood Special Education, BAE  

Education Leadership, MEd  

Education Leadership, EdD  

Education for Inclusive Environments, BAE (Dual Endorsement Outreach Program)  

Inclusive Education (Dual Endorsement Elementary & Special Education), BAE  

Special Education, BAE  

Special Education — P-12 plus Content Endorsement (Dual Endorsement), BAE  

Health and Community Studies

Adult and Higher Education, Non-Thesis, MEd  

Human Services, BA  

Nursing (RN-to-BSN), BSN  

Rehabilitation Counseling, Non-Thesis, MA  

Secondary Education

Humanities — Middle Level — Additional Endorsement  

Master in Teaching, Bellingham, MIT  

Secondary Education Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Professional Program