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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

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Student Business Office (SBO), 360-650-2865

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees include tuition, service and activities fees, mandatory fees, course fees and miscellaneous fees. All fees are subject to change as the result of action by the state Legislature or the board of trustees. See the Description of Tuition and Fees section below for a detailed explanation of each fee.

By registering for classes, a student incurs a legal obligation to pay tuition and fees to Western Washington University. This debt may be canceled only if the student officially withdraws from Western before the quarterly deadline published on the Registrar’s Office’s Important Dates & Deadlines webpage. A student is responsible for paying their account in accordance with established due dates regardless of whether an invoice or billing statement is provided. Established due dates are published on the SBO website “When, Where and How to Pay.”

The SBO Tuition and Fee Schedule website is sbo.wwu.edu/tuition-and-fees and includes the following:

  • 2023-2024 Schedule of Tuition and Mandatory Fees;
  • Mandatory fees (1-5 credits);
  • Mandatory fees (6+ credits); and
  • 2023-2024 Extension/Self-Supporting Programs Tuition & Fees.

Downloadable PDF of the 2022-2023 Tuition Rates and Mandatory Student Fees: sbo.wwu.edu/files/2022-06/Approved%202022-2023%20Tuition%20Rates.pdf

For more information about Tuition and Mandatory Student Fees go to bfp.wwu.edu/current-year.

See the University Academic Policies  section of the catalog for an explanation of full-time status and how that affects financial aid, athletic eligibility, and veterans’ benefits.

Your Student Account

Tuition and fees are assessed to student accounts at the time of registration. Students are responsible for reviewing their account and for paying the balance due. Western processes electronic billing statements and offers the option of paying student account charges online. Billing statements and account details are available on your Western account online.

If course changes are made after the statement date or after financial aid has been disbursed, it is important to check your account online or with the Student Business Office to determine if additional payment is required.

Student account information is confidential (see Appendix E - Student Records  in the Appendices section of the catalog). Release of account information may be authorized by completing a Release of Financial Information form.

Currently enrolled students are sent a statement notification to their assigned university e-mail account. A second notification can be sent to another e-mail address by setting up an authorized payer. Statements are available electronically through a student’s Western Account Online. For more information go to the SBO website or visit the SBO lobby in Old Main 110.

The University uses email as an official method of communication. This is intended to meet the academic and administrative needs of the campus community.

The University expects that such communication is received and read in a timely fashion.

Students are responsible for monitoring their student e-mail account and maintaining current contact information with WWU, including current address and telephone information.

Options for Paying Your Student Account

  • Online (visit sbo.wwu.edu/when-where-and-how-pay for more information)
    • eCheck – Western’s preferred method for accepting payments. Paying online is available 24 hours a day with immediate credit to the student’s account. Online eCheck payments are free and convenient. Enter your U.S. checking/savings account information and payment will be made electronically.
    • Credit Card - Western also accepts online credit and debit card payments with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express branding. Please note, an additional fee will be added to the payment transaction. The fee, which is charged and collected by Transact, is $3 for charges $20-$109 and 2.85% for charges outside of that range.
    • Payment Plan - Western’s Payment Plan is offered quarterly to students with a current balance. During the open enrollment period students enroll by selecting the option in their Western Account Online. Students with past due balances are ineligible to enroll in this plan. Visit sbo.wwu.edu/payment-plan for more information.

To pay online, log in to myWestern, then Web4U and select the Student Accounts tab. Select the the link to your Western Account Online. Parents - or other third parties - making online payments to the student account must be set up as an Authorized Payer by the student in order to access student account information. Instructions are available at sbo.wwu.edu or by contacting the SBO. Alternatively, parents or third parties can pay as a guest online with the student’s ID number, last name and amount they would like to pay.

  • Mail checks to the Student Business Office, 516 High St., MS-9004, Bellingham, WA 98225. Allow 7-to-10 business days for mail to reach Western. Payments are credited when received, not when mailed.
    • Write your WWU ID number on the check and make it payable to WWU;
    • Canadian checks must be made payable in U.S. funds;
    • There is a $25 charge for the first returned check and a $50 charge for each subsequent returned check. Note: this policy also applies to electronic checks.
  • Pay in Person at the Student Business Office, located in Old Main 110 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m. M-F). Payment may be made with cash, check or a debit card.

Financial Aid

Financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans) will automatically be applied to current quarter charges on a student’s account. Once University charges have been paid, a refund of excess aid be released. If a student incurs additional registration charges after financial aid has been applied to their account, the student is responsible for paying the charges by the tuition due date.

Miscellaneous charges to a student’s account, such as bookstore purchases, Western ID card replacement fee, and health center charges will not be paid by financial aid unless authorized by a student. Fill out the Authorization to Apply Financial Aid Funds form, available online or at the Student Business Online, to allow financial aid to pay these charges.

Due Dates, Late Fees and Interest

Tuition, mandatory fees, course fees, on-campus housing and meal plan charges are due on the first day of each term. Any changes resulting from adjustments to registration, housing, or meal plans after the first day of the term are due immediately.

Late payment penalties ($55 late fee, 1% interest) are assessed at the close of business on the 15th of each month.

Miscellaneous charges such as bookstore purchases, medical service charges, Western ID card replacement, etc. are due 30-days after the charge is placed on the account.

Nonpayment Penalty

The university may withhold admission or registration privileges for students who fail to meet financial obligations to the university.

Unpaid balances will result in your account being placed in a collection status with the SBO. An administrative service fee will be added to the amount you owe as part of the debt recovery process.

Seriously past due account balances may be forwarded to a third party for collection. Additional collection costs will be assessed at a maximum of 40% of the debt, together with all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, relating to the collection of the delinquent account. Delinquent accounts may be reported to one or more of the national credit bureaus. 

Graduating or Exiting Students

Students who had a federal loan or federal teach grant disbursed while attending the university are encouraged to complete exit counseling. Exit counseling is designed to acquaint students with their rights and responsibilities regarding their student loans. Exit counseling should be completed before graduation, before withdrawing from Western, or when a student’s credit load drops to less than half time. 

Course Withdrawal

Students who drop courses may be entitled to a credit for a portion of the tuition and fees for a given quarter. The amount of tuition credited will depend on the time of the quarter in which the withdrawal is completed. 

  • Courses dropped prior to the sixth day of the quarter may be entitled to a full tuition and fee credit;
  • Courses dropped beginning on the sixth day of the quarter and within the first 30 calendar days may be entitled to one-half tuition credit and no fee credit;
  • Courses dropped after the 30th calendar day will not receive a tuition or fee credit.

For more information, see the section on Withdrawal from a Course in the University Academic Policies  section of the catalog.

Course withdrawals may impact a student’s financial aid eligibility. For more information go to finaid.wwu.edu/client_services/pages/maintain/sap.php.

Official School Withdrawal from the University

To officially withdraw from Western for the quarter, a student must submit an Official School Withdraw e-sign form. A withdrawing student who will be away from Western a full quarter or more, except summer quarter, must apply for readmission prior to the deadline stated in the Undergraduate Admission section of this catalog.

Students who officially withdraw from Western prior to the sixth day of the quarter may receive full credit of tuition and fees. See the sections under University Academic Policies  for information on withdrawing from the university. The $300 enrollment confirmation fee is nonrefundable.

Students who officially withdraw beginning on the sixth day of the quarter and within the first 30 calendar days may be entitled to one-half tuition credit. After the fifth day of instruction, the Health Services, Technology, Non-Academic Building, Sustainability, Equity, & Justice Fund, Student Recreation, Active Transportation, Legislative Action, Multicultural Center, and course and audit fees are nonrefundable.

Students who withdraw after the 30th calendar day of the term will receive no tuition and fee credit.

The deadlines for each quarter are published on the Registrar’s Office website. Refer to the Summer Session website for summer quarter withdrawal policy.

A statutory pro rata return of financial aid is required for students who received financial aid.


Payments made to your student account, including financial aid disbursements (Federal Direct Loans, scholarships, grants and waivers) and other support are applied to tuition and fees, university housing, and miscellaneous charges (if the authorization to apply financial aid funds form has been completed). If financial aid does not pay everything the student owes, the student is responsible for paying the balance by the tuition due date. If the payments to the account result in a credit balance the excess funds will be disbursed by ACH Direct Deposit into the student’s personal checking or savings account. For direct deposit refund enrollment information go visit the SBO website. If direct deposit is unavailable, a check will be mailed to the student’s address on file.

Description of Tuition and Fees

Tuition along with service and activities fees are set by the board of trustees within the parameters of the state Legislature. Tuition consists of the operations fee and the capital building fee. In addition, 4.0 percent of the operating fee, 3.5 percent of the capital building fee, and 3.5 percent of the services and activities fee collected is allocated to fund student financial aid.

The operations fee, with the state’s general fund appropriation, is used to support the university’s primary mission, the education of its students. This money funds instruction, library, student services, administrative and maintenance functions.

The capital building fee is used for the construction of academic facilities. It is not used for both housing and dining buildings or to support the university’s operating budget.

One-Time and Miscellaneous Fees

Official Transcripts: $15

Requests should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office one week in advance of need. There are additional fees and charges for FedEx transcript orders. Transcript ordering information and options may be found on the Registrar’s Office website.

Degree Application Fee: $65

Late fee for applying for degree after the deadline: $45

Departmental Academic Certificates: $28

Parking permits: For parking and traffic regulations see Appendix I - Transportation Services . All parking rates are subject to change.

Student Health Center: An optional medical insurance plan is available to eligible students. Contact the Student Health Center for details.

Special Examination Charges (course challenge): $100 per credit

Woodring certification office processing fee: $55 file processing fee. This fee is separate from any application fees charged from Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Other Special Course Fees: Students registering in certain courses are charged additional fees for purchase of special laboratory and studio supplies and for special services such as music practice room rentals. These fees are listed with each course in Browse Classes.

Audit Fees: Full fee-paying students (10 or more non-audited, main-campus credits) may audit a course without an additional fee (excluding course fees). Part-time students may audit courses for $10 per credit.

Late Registration/Late Course Adds: A fee of $10 per credit is charged if a student registers initially after the fifth day of instruction in a quarter. A fee of $10 per credit is charged if a student adds a class after the second week of instruction. Either action requires an override from the course instructor.

Late Drop Fee: A fee of $10 per credit is charged if a student drops a class after the deadline stated on the Registrar’s Office website.

Tuition and Fees - Outreach and Continuing Education

The SBO Tuition and Fee Schedule website sbo.wwu.edu/tuition-and-fees includes information for Extension/Self-Supporting Programs Tuition and Fees.

All self-supporting tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Variable course fees apply to professional programs, certificate programs, workshops, and special courses. Contact Outreach and Continuing Education for tuition and fee information of individual programs.

Summer Session

For information on cost and registration for Summer Session go to summer.wwu.edu.

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