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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Writing Proficiency Requirement (WP)

Upper-division writing proficiency requirement: complete a minimum of three writing proficiency points in designated upper-division writing proficiency courses at WWU with a minimum grade of C-.  Students must complete Block A of the Communications GUR requirement before enrolling in a writing proficiency course.

All Western Writing Proficiency courses should follow these University-wide guidelines:

  • students have opportunities to write multiple drafts of assigned papers
  • students receive suggestions for revision, and
  • instructors assign course grades based on assigned writings according to the writing proficiency points table

Upper-division writing proficiency courses emphasize research and writing. In writing proficiency courses, students learn the writing style and conventions of their disciplines, as well as the techniques for integrating evidence into scholarly papers. Writing proficiency courses are listed in Browse Classes.

Writing Proficiency Points Fulfilling the Upper-division Writing Proficiency Requirements
(Minimum 3 points required)

  Credits of course % of Grade Based on Writing Assignments

(1 pt)

1 Credit 75%
2 Credits 50%
3 Credits 25%
4 Credits 20% (18.75%)
5 Credits 15%

(2 pts)

2 Credits 75%
3 Credits 50%
4 Credits 40% (37.5%)
5 Credits 30%
(3 pts)
3 Credits 75%
4 Credits 55%
5 Credits 45%

Students unable to enroll in designated WP courses may be able to satisfy the requirement, with faculty endorsement, by submitting an ‘Alternative Writing Proficiency Course Agreement’ through the Writing Instruction Support Program.