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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix I - Transportation Services

WWU is committed to supporting sustainable transportation options and reducing automobile-dependent transportation. All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to utilize the variety of transportation options available to them and to minimize their use of single occupancy vehicles to commute to campus. The Sustainable Transportation Office provides everyone on campus transportation related information and assistance. Contact the Sustainable Transportation Office at 360-650-7960, Transportation@wwu.edu, or wwu.edu/transportation.

Western Student Transportation

The student transportation program provides resources for students including a Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) Bus Pass, Late Night Shuttle service, trip planning assistance, Zipcar, and an Alternative Transportation Coordinator who is a student hired for each academic year (please contact us if you’re interested in applying for this position). The $26.25 quarterly Alternative Transportation Fee funds the program. 

Student Bus Pass

The Western ID card is used as a bus pass and is valid for unlimited rides on ALL Whatcom Transportation Authority buses. Swipe the ID card through the fare box when boarding the bus. The bus pass works for any quarter the Alternative Transportation Fee is on the student account. Lost or damaged ID cards can be replaced at the Western Card office and will continue to work as a bus pass.

Students taking 6 or more credits are automatically assessed the Alternative Transportation Fee with other university fees; students taking 1-5 credits who wish to have a bus pass, can request the fee be added to their account. To request the fee email transportation@wwu.edu or visit the Western Card Office.

Student Shuttle

The Late Night Shuttle operates during the academic year, and only serves Western students; It runs Monday thru Saturday 11 p.m.–3 a.m. and Sunday 9 p.m.–2 a.m. To board, students show a valid Western ID card to the driver. Service consists of two routes that serve the WWU campus, Residence Halls, Downtown, Bill McDonald Parkway, Happy Valley, Lincoln Street and Lakeway Drive. The shuttle stops at all WTA bus stops along its route. Use the Shuttle Tracker (wwu.ridesystems.net) to view the shuttle map, schedules, and real-time location of the vehicles when they are operating. Brochures are available on the shuttles, and the map and schedule are available online at wwu.edu/transportation.


WWU is located within a mile of the Bellingham Central Business District, and is surrounded by friendly residential neighborhoods. The campus is accessible via trails and an extensive sidewalk network through the neighborhoods. Walking is the cheapest way to go, and for trips of a mile or less, walking to and from class is usually faster than driving, parking, and then walking to class. Walking is also a great way to incorporate some exercise into your day.


Bellingham is a bicycle destination, and the community supports bicycle transportation. With more than 900 bike racks adjacent to residence halls and academic buildings, you are encouraged to bring your bicycle to Western. There are some restrictions on bicycling in campus pedestrian areas during high-traffic times. The Campus Bike Map and Bicycling Guide is available at wwu.edu/transportation. Register you bike at Project529.com or BikeIndex.org. Registering your bike increases the chance that it will be returned to you if it is recovered after being lost or stolen. Bicycle locks, lights, parts, and repair assistance are available at the A.S. Outdoor Center bike shop in the Viking Union. There are four Dero Fix-It Stations on campus, which are great for minor bicycle repairs. Bike lockers are available for a small fee. All WTA buses and Late Night Shuttles have easy to use bike racks.

Public Transit

Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) provides safe, high quality, cost-effective, and accessible public transportation throughout Bellingham and Whatcom County, including the 80X bus to Mount Vernon. Buses travel through Western’s campus seven days a week, every 15 minutes on weekdays and on a modified schedule evenings, weekends, and holidays. Routes serving Western connect with other routes at the downtown Bellingham Transit Station serving Amtrak, Greyhound, Boltbus, Airporter shuttle and Bellingham Airport. WTA also connects with regional transportation providers serving Skagit County, the Seattle area, Whidbey Island and the Everett/Seattle Airports. For WTA route and schedule information, visit ridewta.com or call 360-676-RIDE.

Persons with Disabilities Service

All WTA buses (except emergency backup vehicles) are wheelchair accessible. Transit service is available for those unable to access or use fixed route buses through WTA Specialized Transportation by calling 360-733-1144 (TTY call 360-676-6844).


For convenient use of a car when needed, Western has partnered with Zipcar to bring self-service, on-demand car sharing to campus. Cars are parked in three locations on campus. Students 18 and older can apply for a WWU Zipcar membership. Rates start at $7.50/hour or $69/day. Gas, insurance, and maintenance are included in the hourly rate. More information is available at wwu.edu/transportation or zipcar.com/wwu.

Park and Ride

The off-campus Lincoln Creek Transportation Center (LCTC) is convenient to Interstate 5, and it is a 10-minute bus ride to the center of campus. WTA routes serve the LCTC, providing a less expensive option for campus parking.

Parking Services

Parking Services is located in the Campus Services Building 2001 Bill McDonald Parkway, at the south end of campus. Parking Services hours are 7:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Parking space is limited and parking regulations are strictly enforced. Anyone using campus parking facilities are required to purchase and display a valid University parking permit on any motorized vehicle. Drivers are encouraged to become familiar with the University parking and traffic regulations.

Quarterly and Annual Parking Permits

Student parking permit applications for 2015/2016 will be available August 3, 2015. Check with www.wwu.edu/ps for application and deadlines. All Students must apply for parking to obtain a WWU Parking Permit.

Resident lot parking assignments are awarded by credits on file with WWU at the end of Spring quarter 2015.

Students living off campus are eligible to apply for and purchase C lot permits.

For those needing to drive occasionally a daily short-term parking permit may be purchased (see visitor parking below).

Parking for Persons with Disabilities

Parking access is available throughout the campus for those with state disability permits.

A WWU permit is also required. Students must apply for their Disability Parking Permit online (see above). Both permits must be displayed during business hours.

Accessibility guides to the WWU campus are available at www.wwu.edu/ps or at Parking Services. If you have questions feel free to contact the Parking Services Office at 360-650-2945 or email us at Parking@wwu.edu.

Parking for Visitors/Temporary Parking/Loading and Unloading

Visitors may purchase a permit online at www.wwu.edu/ps, at Parking Services, pay at a meter or use a pay station in lots 6V, 12A or C all hours of the day.

Pay stations in G lots are available at 4:30pm Monday through Friday and all hours on the weekend.

A 20 minute unloading/loading permit can be obtained at Parking Services at no charge.

For information on arranging guest parking visit www.wwu.edu/ps or contact Parking Services at 360-650-2945.

Daily and Hourly Parking Per day/hour
Daily parking (7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) $2 per hour
All day parking $10 per day
Meter parking (all hours) $2 per hour
Motorcycle parking $2 per day
Pay box lots (7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) $2 per hour
Pay box lots (after 4:30 p.m.) $1 per hour

Evening/After Hours and Metered Parking

Permits are required in all lots all hours with the exception of lots C and 12A. Parking is available in the C and 12A gravel lots with no permit required Monday-Friday 4:30PM to 7AM and all day on weekends.

Lots are enforced as posted on the sign at the entrance to each lot.

You may obtain a permit at the pay stations located throughout the campus or pay to park in a metered space.

Disability accessible spaces always require a valid state disability permit.

Payment is always required at meters; permits are not valid for parking in a metered space.

Students with a valid bus pass may obtain an After-Hours permit at Parking Services.

2015/2016 Permits

2015/2016 Student Permit Quarterly Prices (subject to change). Academic and Annual permits also available. Summer permits are at a discounted rate.

Quarterly Parking permit fees Quarterly total
Campus resident parking $91.27
Commuter Student C Lots (and Resident Overflow CR) $79.65
Carpool permit $59.43
Motorcycle parking $16.24
Disability Permit $79.65

Additional Information

For additional information regarding maps, regulations, visitor or event parking, fees, citations, or any parking questions please visit us at www.wwu.edu/ps, call 360-650-2945 or e-mail us at Parking@wwu.edu