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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix C - Student Rights and Responsibilities Code

WAC (Washington Administrative Code) sections:

WAC 516-21-010 Introduction

Western Washington University students enjoy the same basic rights, privileges, and freedoms granted to all members of society. At the same time, acceptance of admission to the university carries with it an obligation to fulfill certain responsibilities and expectations as a member of the Western Washington University community.

As a condition of enrollment at Western, students must assume responsibility for their own actions and maintain an environment conducive to the academic success, safety, and well-being of others. In addition, they are expected to be truthful, respect the rights of others, and abide by all university policies and procedures, as well as all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations. All students are responsible for understanding and complying with the responsibilities and expectations set forth in this code.

The student conduct process at Western is designed to be a learning process that promotes an understanding of students’ responsibilities as members of the university community. The objectives of the student conduct system, as set forth in this code, are twofold: to ensure that students act in a manner consistent with high standards of scholarship and behavior, and to maintain the safety and well-being of all members of the university community.

516-21-020 Definitions
516-21-030 Jurisdiction
516-21-040 Student responsibility for guests
516-21-050 Academic dishonesty
516-21-060 Conduct that threatens health or safety
516-21-070 Disruptive behavior
516-21-080 Failure to comply
516-21-090 False information
516-21-100 Fire safety and false alarms
516-21-110 Harassment
516-21-120 Hazing
516-21-130 Illegal possession and/or use of alcohol
516-21-140 Illegal possession and/or use of drugs
516-21-150 Interfering with the conduct process
516-21-160 Misuse of computers, electronic data or communication systems
516-21-170 Obstructing police and safety personnel
516-21-180 Sexual misconduct
516-21-190 Student violation of the law
516-21-200 Theft or intentional damage of property
516-21-210 Trespassing
516-21-220 Weapons and destructive devices
516-21-230 Sanctions
516-21-240 Student conduct system
516-21-250 Student rights in the conduct process
516-21-260 Procedures for immediate interim suspension
516-21-270 Proceedings for violations of the code
516-21-280 Basis for review
516-21-290 Review procedures
516-21-300 Deviations from established procedures
516-21-310 Confidentiality of conduct proceedings and records
516-21-320 Relationship of the code to university residences
516-21-330 Interpretation of the code
516-21-340 Revision of the code
516-21-350 Referenced policies and regulations in the code